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14 May 2010 @ 10:04 am
 So, I have not been happy with Supernatural much this season.  I stopped watching about ten episodes ago, and just let the eps build on my Tivo.  I was so. damn. tired. of the everybody-hates-Sam show, of Dean's numb depression, of the same monologues and dialogues every episode.  

And then yesterday, I caught up for the finale.  And things got better.  And then they got a LOT better. It's about damn time Bobby and Dean acknowledged how hard they are on Sam, and that he's "got a lot of good in him, too".  Suddenly, it's like I'm watching my old show again, where the boys are working together and their relationship is what binds everything together in the face of everything they fight.

The Death episode was pretty freaking awesome.  LOVED Death.  

And then, I watched the finale.  

~ Carry On!  I knew they HAD to use Carry On for The Road So Far this time, this last "planned" season.  It was perfect. :)

~ The speech between Dean and Sam, where Dean acknowledges that making decisions for Sam isn't his responsibility, and Sam can make his own choices - freaking finally!  It was a nice moment between the brothers.

~ Oh, God.  Sam forcing Dean to promise he won't try to bring him back.  Asking him to promise he'll go live an "apple pie" life.  And of course, Dean was already mentally planning how he would try to bring Sam back.  Oh, boys.

~ Castiel's attempt to lie to Sam and tell him everything would be okay - a moment of brevity in an otherwise very serious and sniffle inducing episode.  Actually, that's been Cas's role for much of the season.  I'm totally okay with that. :)

~ The enclosed narrative, the finale being told by the Prophet, was a very nice touch.  I love knowing all of those little things about the Impala, which like the brothers' relationship, has always been at the heart of this show. "The Devil doesn't know or care what car the boys drive."  It's a great statement.

~ OMG!  The boys find out Lucifer knows their whole plan.  Sam says it doesn't change anything, and Dean says "Sam" in this lost voice...just...*sniffles*

~ And Dean loses his brother.  Wow, Jensen killed that.  

~ Star Wars quote!  LOL.

~ Yeah, Lucifer is a manipulative bastard.  Not that we didn't know that, but...he is.

~ Oh, team.  Don't give up!  But I certainly do get the temptation to do so.

~ 1000 miles for an Ozzy show!  Parking in the middle of nowhere and watching the stars together!  Oh, boys. *wibble*

~ "I'm not going to let him die alone."  

Of course not.  In the same situation, Sam couldn't, either.

~ Oooooooooh, the conversation between Lucifer and Michael, two brothers inside two brothers - very nicely done.  (Just an FYI - Um, actually, Michael is Lucifer's little brother, guys.  Not the other way around.)

And in rides Dean in the Impala!  AWESOME entrance.

OMG.  Lucifer has the usual bullying big brother response to someone else screwing with his brother.  Is Cas really gone?  Really dead?  BOBBY??!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ "I'm not going to leave you, Sammie."  Oh, Dean.  

Oh, God, all the memories of the Impala and Sam and Dean made me cry.  Beautiful.

And I just kept crying as Sam fell into the pit.

And Dean is broken, both physically and emotionally.  

But Cas fixes the physical part.  OH THANK GOD, CAS BROUGHT BACK BOBBY!!!!!

("Endings are hard."  You're telling me!  LOL.)

Um. Dean.  I get your anger.  But promising to come for God....not so possible, just saying.


"Every part of him, every fiber he's got, wants to die, or find a way to bring Sam back.  But he isn't going to do either, because he made a promise."



Dean! Sam!

Uh...what was up with that?  Are we supposed to believe the Prophet was....God?


Okay.  A good, solid finale to the season, and to the series in general to this point.  Where do we go from here?  You can just see that Sam might be inclined to let Dean live his apple pie life.  Of course, then we don't have a season 6.  And Sam can't let Dean go on thinking he's dead.  I guess we'll see.