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07 August 2010 @ 10:22 pm
 This is what I spent a good portion of my day doing:

The mock up for the bodice. Sorry for the crappy lighting.  It's dark out, and that's the low light my living room lamps offer.  (A mock up, by the by, is just what it sounds like. A "mock" of the actual intended garment, cut and sewn out of some cheap fabric, usually muslin - hence sometimes mock ups are referred to in sewing circles as "muslins" - so that one can test fit and sizing without cutting into, and possibly ruining, one's expensive fabric.  It's also an excellent way to test various ways of putting th pattern together, so that when it comes time to do so for the real thing, less mistakes are made.)

I'd already traced my pattern pieces and added the seam allowance, so today I cut my muslin and sewed it up.  I still need to grommet it, because without lacing it's really hard to get an accurate fit.  And the photo is blurry, but you get the idea of the shape, I think.  Imagine it with sleeves, and with a much more fitted bodice (there's no boning in the mock up yet) and that's the finished shape of the gown.  I haven't messed around with the sizing at all yet.  This is literally the pattern as it came out of the book, which was developed, as I understand it, from actual museum pieces.  

Hours so far into this thing:

16 collectively for the skirts
6 so far for the bodice, but that's because I've had to photocopy, size up, trace pattern pieces, add seam allowance, then cut and sew.  All in all, this is actually quite a quick bodice to go together, once I get the shape and sizing as I want it.