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24 August 2010 @ 10:22 pm
 Um, however many hours later, I'm done.  Finished.  I have many, many thoughts.  For the first time, I am glad my surgery left me with energy for little else but reading, as it afforded me a great excuse to sit and read today.

Warning: there is a lot of CAPSLOCK and flaily hands in the rest of this post.

ALSO: I would probably expect spoilers in the comments attached to this post, as well as behind the LJ cut.

Okay, yeah, so:

~ I started out reading this book with some HUGE questions I wanted answered IMMEDIATELY.  Namely: what was happening with Peeta, and was Cinna still alive somewhere?

Sadly, the answer to #1 was not forthcoming for some time, and the answer to #2 was an unfortunate no that made me very, very sad.  One thing I will say about Suzanne Collins.  She has no fear of killing off characters.  In fact, she seems to populate these books with interesting people you get attached to, just so she can then start to kill them off right and left in often sudden and always violent ways.  
~ The entire time Katniss was working for District 13 and the rebellion, they kept tripping these alarms inside me, going "but wait, these guys are just like President Snow and the people they're trying to overthrow.  They're NO BETTER, not really."  Then we get to the end, and their 'endgame' ploy with the kids and the parachutes, and...and Prim....and THEY WANTED TO DO ANOTHER HUNGER GAMES OMG, and I am SO F-ING GLAD KATNISS KILLED PRESIDENT COIN.  The whole time she was being dressed up to execute Snow, I was like....yes, but is she REALLY going to kill him??  Or is she going to avenge Prim and get rid of the next Snow?  And she did.  And in my head, I felt savagely vindicated about this.

~ Which brings me to: Prim.  For a series of books that routinely kills off whole casts of characters, I did not see this one coming.  I was horrified, and kept hoping some terrible mistake had been made.  And when it was revealed that in all likelihood COIN, not Snow had deliberately and coldly arranged for Prim to be there...I wanted Katniss to kill her.  And she did.  

I mean, really, what was Coin thinking?  EVERYTHING KATNISS DID from the MOMENT Prim was selected for the Hunger Games, was to protect her little sister.  Arranging her death and hoping Katniss never clued in was pretty damn stupid.  Killing those innocent kids with the parachutes was horrible enough.  Adding Prim to the fire was...it was over the top.  And I'm amazed that I could still be shocked in a series that makes shocking events an every page occurrence, or nearly.  Gale's inadvertent collusion in it just made it that much worse.  I mean, byt then, we were already pretty clear that Gale's fanaticism was going to keep Katniss from ever choosing him.  It was clear to me from the moment he advocated blowing up the Nut and trapping all of those people inside.  

Of course, I was always rooting for Peeta.  

~ Ah, Peeta.  I was so wrapped up in wondering how he was ever going to come back to being our Peeta, I never saw what happened with Prim coming.  I was worried about what stupid thing Peeta was going to do, instead, when it turns out, he was already on his way back to becoming the Peeta we know and love.  By the time he's planting primroses for Katniss, I was sniffling into my second or third tissue.  I think what happened with his character was necessary.  I think 'losing' him completely was the only way Katniss was ever going to really discover her feelings for him.  The way they came back together in the end was lovely and soft, and perfect.  

The parallels between the "Star" unit's march into the Capitol to find Snow and the Hunger Games was a nice bit of brilliance.  Each of these books has featured a Hunger Games, and this final book was no exception.  There were a lot of really well done things in this book, but I'm afraid at the moment, I'm still a bit too emotionally invested in the ending to go into them all.  
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Your Mom: DW listen up [ebony twightlight]nm973 on August 26th, 2010 02:20 am (UTC)
I just finished reading it and am not ashamed to say I'm in tears. I too did not see the Prim death coming at all. I kept waiting for Peeta to round the corner, and even when I could feel the pages winding down I was so anxious to see how it would all wrap up. In fact I was hoping that I would get to the end and there would be one big to be continued even though I knew the trilogy would wrap up.

I love that Collins is so brutal. Hell, the entire premise of these books is beyond and I think that's why I love them so much. I was, if forced to choose, on Team Peeta before Mockingjay but to me it was obvious from the very beginning of this book that Katniss couldn't choose Gale. Too many comments.

Oh, Katniss. What a wonderful, flawed, brave, loving character.