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04 September 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Adventures in canning.  
I'm coming to my canning late this year, due to the late produce being, well, produced this summer, and then there were things like surgery...anyway, I realized this week if I don't get on it, the season, such as it is this year, will have passed me by.   

Since my little raspberry vines are still small enough this year to produce only a handful of berries, I trekked to the farmers market this morning and bought the last gasp of strawberries for more jam, and a flat of raspberries for this year's batch of the husband's favorite, raspberry jam.  

I sorted the bad from the good, and put the 8 cups worth of raspberries in my large glass measuring bowl in the fridge, while I hulled the strawberries and made that batch.  Then, when I happened to open the fridge, I noticed my lovely raspberries had a few friends:

Those aren't leaves or needles or seeds on the side of my measuring bowl, but...I don't know, exactly.  Baby slugs?  Tiny worms?  Whatever.  I am not super squeamish, being farm raised, but I do have my limits.  I immediately felt mildly ill about the few berries I ate while sorting them earlier.  Ugh.  

Ah, well.  The trick with raspberries is, if you rinse them too vigorously, you lose a lot of the firm juicy berries, and end up with watery mush.  But I do not prescribe to the school of no rinsing, for exactly the reason you see above.  So, I rinsed them five or six times in cold water, then dumped them in a pan and proceeded to heat and mash them until anything living would be dead.  Now the berries are sitting in my fridge, slowly draining juice through a sieve and several layers of cheesecloth. I do not care for seeds in my jam.  Or slugs, or worms, or whatever.  But I very much doubt a single one of those little critters could survive the rinsing/heating/mashing/sieving process.  Right?  Ah, well.  I'm sure I consumed much worse with all the gallons of wild blackberries I ate out of our field growing up, back when I didn't pay enough attention to look and see what might be on my berries.

And yes, that is my Ronon cup-of-sex icon.  Because I haven't used it in forever, and it sort of relates, given all of the sugar that goes into jam. :)
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Patron Saint of Pessimism: Dogs: Deuce BAH!!!woodrunner on September 5th, 2010 11:53 am (UTC)
If nothing else.. it's extra protein?

Though, I can't really be squicked, I eat blueberries after flicking off the bugs on them, without washing them -- have done the same to raspberries I've found in the wild, and blackberries growing on vines along the ground.

Fatemafatema on September 6th, 2010 04:25 pm (UTC)
For a second that looked like blood platelets. Freaky.

Also, interesting. :)