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14 November 2010 @ 03:02 pm
 ~ I am not officially doing Nano.

I am, however, pushing to finish the fourth rewrite of Nemesis.  I'd like to get it sent off before the holiday dead zone of the publishing industry, just for the sake of going into Christmas knowing it's done.  Also, recently one, no four of my beta readers have sent me notes basically stating "Hey, now I have a kindle, the better to read this on when you're done.  So, no pressure, but...I'm waiting!"

No, really.  That's pretty much word for word from all of the above.  I did ask my beta readers to give me a push awhile back, so they're just complying. :D

~ In other news, we had house guests all weekend.  I have taken a step up from offering them stale girl scout cookies this time, to making french toast for breakfast, with homemade bread, and offering fresh from the oven homemade rolls with our crockpot soup last night.  I feel I've made great strides as a hostess!  

~ Over the weekend, kistha helped me get past the world's worst game glitch to finally finish Dragon Age: Awakenings.  Well, I'm still not finished, but at least now I'm no longer stuck trying to reload the same damn battle fifteen times to get past the one animated dead bad guy who stands still, does nothing, can't be killed, and basically keeps your game from being able to advance.  I'd given up after trying three times to get past him.  

(I'm not normally one to whine, but seriously, Bioware - this is a known glitch for the Xbox 360.  Why the hell hasn't it been patched yet???)

I think I've actually come to the conclusion that, as much as I might love, adore, and worship at the feet of an awesomely made RPG (ie, Dragon Age and Mass Effect, et al), the DLC that comes as add ons later is universally disappointing.  Even that which is officially labeled an "expansion".  In the future, I may just replay the original game to get my fix, rather than spend money on add on content that is glitchy, feels like a "meh" effort on the part of the game company, and is just generally disappointing.

However, the trailer for Dragon Age II looks awesome, and March cannot get here quickly enough!  Hopefully Mass Effect 3 will not be far behind.  

~ Also, increasing rumors of a Verizon iphone come January - I am so there!  A couple of months ago, my ENV Touch died, and I spent as little as possible on a cheap replacement phone because I refused to use my New Every 2 upgrade when I knew the iphone was coming so soon.  For the first time, the Verizon people did not deny this possibility when mentioned, so I feel pretty secure in the knowledge that it is indeed happening.  I despise my new phone, and cannot wait to finally get what I've been wanting for six years - an iphone on the Verizon network.  I don't know what coverage is like elsewhere, but where I live, AT&T is such a dreck of suckitude, people who switched for the iphone will frequently pay the early out fee to switch back to Verizon.  Really.  I can think of two unrelated people I personally know who have done this, because it really is that bad.  So...hopefully I'll have a shiny new phone come January!

I'll close by saying, I hope everyone is having an awesome Nano!  I am still around, lurking, even if I am not posting as frequently as I once did.  School takes up a good portion of writing time, and the rest is being pouring into Nemesis.  But I still love my f-list. :)  {{HUGS}}
Dragonsinger: Writing - tinylegaciesdragonsinger on November 16th, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
I was hoping you were still working on Nemesis. It sounds like you're making progress.:)