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21 November 2010 @ 07:31 pm
Harry Potter, snow, and fried bread.  
 First things first: it was....much better than I'd feared it would be, and like the Half-Blood Prince, when it got to the end I sat in my theater seat and thought "ok, I'm ready for the next one, right now!"  Sadly, after the next one I will probably have this thought, but there will be no more forthcoming.

Let's be honest.  The first half of the book is 200 pages of Dumbledore backstory, and 200 pages of Harry, Ron and Hermione running around in the woods trying to figure out what to do next.  That doesn't make for a very exciting movie.  But they managed to take that and only do the important bits, and make it work.  It also helps that I pretty much stopped being super upset about how much the movies were not like the books after they did Prisoner of Azkaban. It was either that, or cry every time a movie came out.  Still, I've enjoyed the movies as their own thing very, very much, and this is no exception.

Favorite bits:

First off, I love David Yates.  He EXCELS at the small moments.  The character moments that are funny, or sweet, or subtle, or all of the above, and I truly think that talent, more than anything else, is what has made these last several movies work despite deviations from the books. 

~ The opening scene with Snape and Voldemort killing the teacher from Hogwarts as she begged him to help her.  Both Draco and Snape were fabulous in this scene. 

~ Also, the rest of the opening cutting between the three main characters.  Hermione Obliviating her parents' memory of her.  Wow.

~ Bill!  Hi Bill!  So nice to finally meet you!  And you do look like a Weasley. :) Fleur "Don't look at me Bill, I'm hideous!" Ha!

~ Hedwig got to go down fighting, instead of merely as a warning sign for readers that this was going to be a hard book with lots of deaths.

~ George: "Mooooorning."  Hee!  Oh, my twin boys, how I adore you.  I am really, really going to need to remember to bring tissue to the next movie. :( 

~ I was just as annoyed with Ron getting mad and leaving in the movie as I was in the book.  Really, after seven years of friendship, it seemed kind of manufactured that he would get that mad over things beyond Harry's control, Horcrux influence or not. BUT, how much did I adore Harry trying to cheer Hermione up with dancing??  A WHOLE LOT, and I have never shipped them.  It was just a lovely moment in the film, both of them so painfully alone, but still such good, solid friends, and for a moment, everything was okay.  Just for a moment.  *loves them*

~ Ron's return.  That was awesome.  And his sort of bafflement that he wasn't accepted back with hugs of relief and open arms.  Well, Harry was pretty happy to see him, but also still upset that he'd left.  And Hermione's reaction was fantastic.  "Where's my wand, Harry?!"  "I don't know."  Thinking: Yes, I do, but there is no way in hell I'm giving it to you right now, so you can turn Ron into something horrible.

And even better was the moment between the boys, when Ron asks Harry sort of desperately "How long do you think she'll stay mad at me?" and Harry says "Well, you just keep blathering on about lights going into your heart, and I think she'll get over it soon enough."  Oh, that was priceless! 

~ Draco's turning was done very subtly in the movie.  I wonder if people who haven't read the books will understand that he knew beyond a doubt it was Harry, but did not give him up.  I'm very excited to see this continue in part 2.

~ Dobby.  Dobby, Dobby, Dobby.  Showing up in shoes - so awesome!  Showing up to save them.  Dying.  *sobs*  It did not hit me as hard in the movie as it did in the book.  I'm not sure why.  I'm re-reading the book now, so maybe I'll get it when I get there.

I'm sure I'm missing some.  We'll be seeing it again before it leaves theaters, so I might have more comments then.  It was well done, and six months is too damn long to wait for the next one.  At the same time, I don't want it to be over, so...*sigh* 

And that's it for that.  Incredibly, we are forecast to get ice and snow tonight and tomorrow.  We don't get these things until late December, and usually not really until January-February.  I mean, it isn't even winter yet!  *shakes head*

My deep fryer gave up the ghost.  I can't complain too much; I bought the thing from Costco for like $30 three or so years ago.  Ten bucks a year isn't bad.  Really, what happened was, it was supposed to be this "super easy cleaning" one, because you could lift out this grate from the bottom that caught all the little bits that come off into the oil.  Except, the heating coils are linked to this grate, and it's a huge pain to take apart and clean, and the little bits don't actually want to come free of the grate, and it's actually pretty impossible to get them all.  So now, while it all still works, and food tastes fine coming from it, the bits stuck in there burn and stink up the entire house horrifically.  No, THE ENTIRE HOUSE.  It's really, really bad.  The smell of burning oil almost made me ill.  So, out it goes, and I have just finished ordering the Delonghi Roto Deep Fryer from amazon.  It's cool touch, the basket sits at an angle and rotates the food into and out of the oil, so you use less, but the absolute best part is the oil is super easy to drain out and filter all the bits as you do, and the inside is smooth teflon you can just wipe down after.  I watched a video.  It looks amazingly simpler and easier than my previous deep fryer.  Also, the lid is designed to be closed the entire time you're frying, cutting down on the usual smell.  I may actually get excited about deep frying again, instead of refusing to do it because it means a mess that is impossible to clean.  We shall see!

Yes, I know I could have waited and asked for this for Christmas.  Well, I didn't want to.  I have things, like homemade pizza rolls, that require deep frying now. (Seriously yummy.  Use won top wrappers from the grocery store, food process pizza sauce with whatever toppings you like, and some cheese, wrap in the won ton wraps and deep fry.  Yum.)   It is also the time of year for my grandfather's famous fried bread recipe, and I REALLY wanted to make some for the family, post-Thanksgiving.  We kids used to loooooooooooove when Mom made fried bread! (Usually to go with the much-less-anticipated bean soup, a dinner only to be tolerated in order to earn pieces of fried bread smothered in homemade frosting.  Yes, kind of like flat-ish donuts. I love bean soup now, but not so much when I was eleven.)  Anyway, if we're going to have snow and ice, I want fried bread and frosting.  *is petulant*

So, yeah.  We'll see how the fryer works.