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23 November 2010 @ 08:25 pm
Joss Whedon is adorable!  
 And WTH is Warner Bros, thinking?  A Buffy reboot??  Seriously??? The story, and Joss's adorable response, here.

The "young writer" they've hired says she was a fan of the show "when she was the same age as the main character".  I don't know, that just kind of hits me wrong. It could be being taken out of context, I suppose, but all I can think when I read that is, "Gee, and here I am at 36, admitting I'm still a Buffy fan."

At least it's a movie remake, and not the show.  I just...has anyone had the temerity to try and remake Star Wars, for example?  Oh, right, no.  Because they can't.  Because George Lucas pretty much founded independent filmmaking when the studios f-ed around with his Director on Empire.  Because George is the man.    

Okay, so maybe Buffy's not Star Wars, but geez, can you wait until the corpse is cold before you rape the bones?
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