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 I have, more than once, had issues with our local post office.  Issues of packages mysteriously not arriving at their destination, or taking two weeks, when it should only take two days.  This all might be just one random post office worker causing me grief, but the upshot is, I hate going to the post office more than most people.  Every time I have to go there and mail something for a customer, I get irritated and grumpy for no good reason.  

Recently, Amazon offered a postal scale for $20 during their Black Friday deals.  I thought, what the heck, and picked one up.  I was fairly disappointed when I signed up for the USPS's Click n Ship service, only to discover they didn't offer the affordable first class mail option, and the cheapest I could print from home through them was the more expensive priority mail service.  So, I thought I'd give paypal's shipping option a try.  OMG, it's awesome!  In about five minutes, I just packaged and bought postage for my most recent Etsy sale straight from my paypal account, so it comes right out of the money paid to me for the item.  It came with delivery confirmation, an e-mail to both me and the customer, and even tracking, for the same or less than it would have cost me to drive to the post office, stand in line, and basically spend an hour of my life getting something mailed.  

Janice, please let me know if you received an e-mail with tracking capabilities.  Because if so, that is the most awesome feature of this entire thing!  

I may (almost) never go to the post office again!  *is off to go put the package into outgoing mail*

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