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 Still sick.  This is NOT a fun bug.  (Not that any of them are.)  I'm on day five, and yet fever still comes and goes, although less often than it used to, and mostly only in the evening as I get more and more tired.  My sore throat has become this almost-laryngitis thing that I can feel on my vocal cords...just in time for a weekend filled with Christmas festivities with friends!  No, no laryngitis!  Ugh.  

My paper on Beowulf...who knows how it turned out?  I was half delirious with fever at the time.  I can tell you that for the first time in this class, I did not get full points on my other assignments for that week, which does not build my confidence overmuch.  This particular professor is hard, and a real stickler for late work.  He let everyone know he did not consider wintertime illness an excuse for it, which is why I did the thing instead of e-mailing him and asking for an extra day.  Which wouldn't have mattered much anyway, since I was just as sick the next day.  

As several people have asked me about my comparisons of Luke Skywalker and Beowulf, I may post it here under a locked entry after grading.  You know, if it's fit for reading.  We'll see.  I can tell you my comparisons had to do with good vs. evil, heroic sacrifice, and the hero's journey.  (My essay focused on Beowulf as a heroic figure.)  What I can't tell to you, is if it turned out mostly coherent or not.  I really hope so, since it would suck to go from a 100% in the class, to dropping a whole letter grade because I caught the stupid flu during the final week.

In other news, I managed to break my little toe a couple of days ago.  I stubbed it on the coffee table.  It hurt just as bad as those things usually do, but the thing is, it continued to hurt whenever I put pressure on it, and now it's blooming these lovely deep purple colors from my toe, all down the top portion of my foot.  Nice!  First broken bone in my life.  I wonder if this is a sign my bones are starting to get more brittle?  I am *cough* in the upper half of my thirties now.  

In other, BETTER news: OMG, MASS EFFECT 3 has been announced for Christmas of next year!  *clasps hands together*  I know what I'll be asking Santa for!!  The teaser trailer already looks awesome!  Shepard!  Garrus!  Kaiden!  (Oh, Kaiden; there better be some kind of payoff for the ME2, Bioware!)  Watching the trailer made me want to replay ME2.  That was such an awesome game.  (Other than my Kaiden quibbles.  And really, Bioware even got me to care despite those, those manipulative [bleeped].)   A WHOLE YEAR AWAY!  Well, I'll have Dragon Age 2 come March.  That'll occupy me for a few months, anyway.  And then I'll replay ME2 right before ME3, I'm sure.  Maybe I'll even start with ME1, although the mechanics of that game piss me off, so maybe not.
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