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25 December 2010 @ 10:00 pm
Post-Christmas wrap up  
All is finally quiet.  Family dinners are done.  Gifts are exchanged, and traveling over.  We are home and the house is quiet.  Our Christmas lights, house and tree, will remain up for another week, and right now they are both on, cheering up an otherwise rainy winter night.  


~ Watching my baby niece tear open her gifts, with heavy help from Mom, since right now the paper is still far more fascinating than what's inside them.

~ As usual, the dog knows which gift is for her, and loooooooooves her new stuffed moose with requisite squeaker.

~ Giving Mark's parents a blu ray player for Christmas.  They've been asking questions with the idea of upgrading "in the next couple of years", but we went ahead and pre-empted them, much to their delight and annoyance ("You kids shouldn't have spent so much!")  But I am the Queen of deal shopping for Christmas, and we did not spend as much as they think, and they still got a very nice blu ray player capable of streaming Netflix if they so desire.  The annoyance only lasted a short time, and now they are pleased as punch.

~ Receiving Disney's Beauty and the Beast on blu ray.  (It's my favorite.)

~ My prime rib Christmas Eve dinner turned out perfect and fabulous!  Sometimes it ends up slightly too done, but this year was perfect!  Yay!  You would never know I'd bought the standing rib roast last year on sale at Christmas, vacuum sealed and froze it.  (The best prices for prime rib are right before Christmas.  It goes from $10.99/pound, down to $4.99/pound.  I usually buy two each year, with the idea that at some point, I'll pull it out of the freezer for a special dinner.  This past year, that didn't happen, so this year I only had to purchase one to be 2011's 'freezer prime rib'.)

~ My mother, as I'm sure I've mentioned many times before, is an actual, bone fide Pastry Chef.  As in, that's what she does for a living.  Creme brulee.  Eclairs.  Many other sundry delights too numerous to name.  When it comes time for birthdays, I don't ask for a cake.  I ask for her to-die-for eclairs that probably have about 3000 calories apiece, not an exaggeration.  So, yes, she brought dessert to Christmas dinner.  Any guesses as to what she brought?  Never mind, you'll never get it.  

Rice crispy treats.  Really.  My husband is notorious for not liking desserts much.  Yes, yes, he's married to the daughter of a pastry chef, who is not such a bad baker either, if I say so myself, and yet he appreciates very few of my culinary attempts beyond the basic dishes he already loves.  Plain eater, not much into sweets.  (My culinary skills are almost wasted, I tell you!)  Anyway, each year, my mother tries to make something he might at least try and maybe enjoy.  He loves rice crispy treats, so unbeknownst to me, that's what she decided to make this year.  

They were excellent. :D

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