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01 January 2011 @ 11:15 am
New Years Things  
 I don't like resolutions, as most often they seem doomed to failure.  I will say writing on the book continues apace, and leave it at that.

I also don't particularly care to look back on 2010.  It did seem mildly better than 2009, or 2008, or 2007, a trio of years which in general, I can never, ever revisit, and be totally happy about.  But only mildly better.  We'll see what 2011 brings.

And with that in mind, have some things I'm looking forward to in the new year:

~ Finishing this (hopefully last full-fledged) rewrite of Nemesis!

~ Maybe writing some fic when I'm done, just for the sheer joy of writing something I'm not so completely obsessed with/invested in....right, who am I kidding?  That's why I write fic, too.  Ah, well.

~ An iPhone on Verizon at last!  Would Apple just announce the damn thing already?

~ More good times with friends.  I am lucky, and have some really freaking awesome friends.

~ Next season, on The Vampire Diaries...just in general, you know?  Also, several other shows I love.  But mostly that one.

~ Speaking of which, have some REALLY AWESOME TRAILERS for things coming out this year:

First up, of course, is the new, AMAZING looking trailer for POTC: On Stranger Tides.

Complete with an intro by the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow.  Words cannot express the amount of squee I felt in the theater when this trailer came up.  I'm pretty sure I left permanent finger imprints on my poor husband's arm, while whispering things like: "Jack!  Barbossa!  OMG, Jack's Dad!  OMG IAN MCSHANE IS PLAYING BLACKBEARD!!"  I must have made someone in the universe very happy to give me such a lovely present.  Al Swearengen in playing Blackbeard the pirate!  AWESOME.  I can take or leave Penelope Cruz, really.  I actually don't normally like her movies at all.  But whatever.  Johnny Depp is one of those actors who can normally have chemistry with a rock, so I'm not too worried.  

Next, we have a couple of game trailers.  Because it's me, and I get BOTH Dragon Age 2 AND Mass Effect 3 this year, OMG!!  (Although, it's very likely ME3 will actually end up with a release date in early 2012, but right now, they're saying December, so whatever.)  Great gaming year for Rhien. :D

And for a couple of other shiny pretties: The new, shiny unofficial trailer for Starz' new series Camelot (which is exactly the same as the official trailer, but without the annoying band of text through the center of the screen.)  

So much pretty, where to even begin??  Plus, I love all things Arthurian.  I've even written some fic in the past.  And it's the network responsible for the pretty, pretty show known as Spartacus.  I'm not really seeing any downside here!

And then there's A Game of Thrones on HBO.  SO MUCH angst and pretty in one place.  

So many entertaining things to look forward to this year!  Anyway, enjoy the trailers, and Happy New Year LJ!
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