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12 January 2011 @ 02:37 pm
Hair Update  
So, as reported in my earlier post, I recently purchased some 100% pure Argan Oil to try on my hair.  That was in place of many of the new hair products which use Argan Oil, but also fill their products with silicone and other chemicals I'd prefer to avoid.  

I used it for the first time today, in conjunction with DevaCurl's  Angell styling gel.  I have previously not been a fan of gels in my hair, as I absolutely hate "crunchy" unnatural feeling hair.  In fact, in recent years I had given up on finding something that would both style my hair, and allow it to look and feel natural, so I didn't use anything at all, unless I was going out to some event which required it for whatever reason.  

So, let's talk about these products.  While I know certain oils are good for hair, I had previously never thought to try them, because I have oily hair issues, or have in the past.  However, I am finding on this new haircare regime, I do NOT have oily hair issues, and now I wonder how much of those issues were caused by a build up of silicone on my head/hair.  I was willing to give the Argan Oil a shot, because I've read everywhere that it's this amazing stuff for your hair, and how a little goes a long way, and absorbs really well, not leaving a greasy or oily feel behind.  Also, often oil issues with skin or hair arise because it isn't getting enough good moisture, so your body overproduces it.  A good, healthy, regular moisturizing routine can eliminate these issues.

As it turns out, I find the hype, in this case, lives up to reality.  A little does go a long way.  I scrunched it into my hair this morning while still wet, and followed it up with the styling gel.  My goal?  No frizz.  Well defined curls that are smooth and silky without being crunchy.  Here are pictures:

 Looks pretty good, I think.  I'm pretty impressed at the feel, too.  Soft, no crunch whatsoever, with decent definition.  I give the DevaCurl Angel just as solid a thumbs up as I do the shampoo and conditioner.  

I also took a chance and used a little of the Argan Oil on my face this morning, instead of my usual expensive cream and moisturizer.  I like it well enough, I'm pretty excited about the face cleanser and other products from the same company that are also on their way.  I'm changing my hair care regime, and my skin is just as important.  
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