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23 January 2011 @ 07:43 pm
Hilarious Dyson vs. Kirby story  
 So, remember me buying a Dyson, and totally falling in love with it?  And bringing it over to one of my BFF's place, where she promptly fell in love with it, despite owning a Kirby?  Yeah, the Kirby just didn't cut the mustard when it came to picking up her dog's hair.

Right after Christmas, we put her next-to-brand-new Kirby on Craigslist, for the money it would cost her to switch to a Dyson.  Considering how much the Kirby cost her originally, this was a steal.  As she says, it isn't that the Kirby isn't a good vacuum, it's that it isn't as awesome a vacuum as the Dyson!  Fast forward a month, and finally someone e-mails her and wants the Kirby.  So, she vacuums with it the day the woman is supposed to come and look at it, and then calls me and asks if I'd mind running my Dyson by; her one area rug is black, and there's still all this dog hair stuck to it.

(Okay, so yes.  That's technically a bait and switch, except we aren't telling the lady it was the Kirby that vacuumed that rug - we just also have no plans to tell her it was the Dyson.  But whatever, we're cunning and terrible people, and it has zero bearing on the rest of this story.)

So, she comes over, and she brings baking soda with her, to pour all over the carpet and vacuum up.  She also knows her way around a Kirby.  She takes the thing apart lickity split, knows what to look for, knows how to put it back together just as fast.  She apparently used to sell them, so this sort of assuages any guilt we might have - she knows exactly what she's purchasing, and she never even glanced at the rug, as she brought her own test material in the baking soda.

Anyway, she vacuums up the baking soda.  Kirby has a new bag, and everything on it is clean and working.  The first pass, it probably sucks up nearly half the small mountain she poured onto the carpet.  Second pass, nearly half of what was left, third pass, and so on, until she gets the last little bit with a total of maybe six or seven passes with the vacuum.  She's pleased, she buys it, she leaves.

My friend and I get to talking, and we decide, hey, let's try that same test with the Dyson!  Seems like a fair way to compare them, y'know?  So we sprinkle the same small mountain of baking soda onto the rug, and before we start it up, we look at each other and wager how many passes the Dyson will need.  Two, at most three, we think.

Nope.  One.  ONE.  Swoop.  No more baking soda!  Not one speck that we can see, other than the small corner that wouldn't fit under the Dyson because we sprinkled too large an area.  It was shocking, I tell you.  I think both of our mouths dropped open.  And then my friend says "And that is why I'm getting a Dyson!"
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anneteanneten on January 24th, 2011 12:48 pm (UTC)
I've had my Dyson for almost 9 years now and totally love it. I had never thought to run a test like this and am amazed by the results!

Although, I shouldn't have been all that surprised, since it's always been great with the sprinkle on caret deodorizer. Thanks so much for sharing!
Veronica Mars is smarter than you (and me): jayne cobb says julietlaw on January 24th, 2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
vacuum wars
First of all: thanks for the laugh. I've had the shittiest of days and got to forget about it for 2 minutes. (I quite simply HATE my students (well one class out of 6 but still.))

Second: I haven't read all of your Dyson vs. Kirby entries 'cause 1) Kirbys aren't commercialised in France (that I know of) and 2) my parents have had a Dyson for several years and we all hate it. The thing is impossible to manoeuvre! And we've never been impressed by it in any way, period. Maybe we've got the wrong model.

Third: that lady coming with stuff to test run the vacuum??? That's just priceless. That kind of stuff only happens in America. I mean it's a vacuum! You buy it and hope the seller didn't rip you off too much, no? LOL (Although from what I understand a lot of money was involved.)

Anyway. Maybe if I got to try yours on the cats' tree and see all the hair come out of it, I'd have to be convinced. :)
rhienellethrhienelleth on January 24th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
Re: vacuum wars
LOL! I'm sorry your day is crappy, though.

You may indeed have a model that can't handle the cats. Is it the Animal version? Mine is, and my understanding is the non-animal version is not nearly as good at pet hair...also, the new rollerball model is supposed to be really easy to maneuver, although mine is the traditional kind...which, really, what vacuum is super easy to maneuver? My old Eureka certainly wasn't.

Glad I could provide a moment of laughter. :-)
Fatemafatema on January 25th, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
You make me wish I owned a carpet that I can buy a Dyson for. LOL. :)