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08 May 2011 @ 03:40 am
Sometimes, you watch things on Netflix instant watch you would never, ever watch any other way. Weird things. Odd things. Stupid things. Terrible things. Things you wonder how anyone threw money at them, ever. 

And sometimes, you watch things on Netflix instant watch that you're curious about, but you missed it in the theater and haven't had the chance to rent yet. And sometimes, those things are awesome. Such was the case with Kick-Ass. 

It starts kind of slow, but then about half way in you suddenly realize you're staying up way too late because it's sucked you in, and this is actually a good movie. After we finished it tonight, I promptly went onto Amazon and bought the blu-ray (with digital copy) for the bargain price of $14.99. And I am VERY irritated that the score only officially exists in the UK. John Murphy, who did Miami Vice (movie version) and the SF horror/suspense flick Sunshine is one of three composers who worked on the film. Fortunately, the song I most wanted is available through Amazon.com by some minor miracle, under the name "Kick-Ass - Strobe (Adagio in D minor)". He used almost an identical track in Sunshine, and if it sounds familiar, that's because it made a recent appearance in the trailer for the movie The Adjustment Bureau

I don't think it spoils too much to say, the scene in which it's used in Kick-Ass is a powerful one, as Hit Girl tries to save her father and Kick Ass from being horribly murdered by a bunch of really bad mobster types. This eleven-year-old girl is mowing through all of these tough, violent men, desperately trying to rescue her father all on her own, before time runs out, and the music perfectly conveys that. 

And may I just say, Hit Girl so definitely kicks ass. I'm very excited that a sequel has been green lit. And also very disappointed that Nicholas Cage won't be in it. He played Big Daddy so well. The look on his face when his daughter told him she wanted a puppy for her birthday was priceless. The love he so obviously felt for her, complemented by his pride in her abilities, and juxtaposed against how broken he was, grooming her into a child assassin bent on vengeance. Nicholas Cage is generally either really good, or really bad, and in this case he was absolutely excellent.  

Well, music and DVD acquired, I am finally off to bed. If you haven't yet seen Kick-Ass, go into it with an open mind. Yes, it is violent. Yes, it involves a child being incredibly violent and saying things no eleven-year-old should. But it's very well done, by people who obviously love the genre, and also understand the harsh reality of trying to take on being a costumed superhero, really. They rode the line between the fictional and literal realities very well, and there were several little homages to geeky comic-y things, for fans. This was sort of...Spider-Man meets The Professional. And well worth the watch.
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