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14 May 2011 @ 06:55 pm
 Poor Hannah. Does anyone else have the impression that she would have faced elimination no matter how good her photo was? On set, Jay and Nigel are saying how Molly has no chemistry at all with the male model, and Brittani has to cry to emote anything at all, but Hannah did this fantastic job, and Jay tells her "Be careful not to let the emotion get in the way of the modeling, but that's a very small note." As in, "you did great girl, just watch it so you don't overdo it!"

I'll be the first to admit that Molly takes great pictures. But come on. The girl is mean and angry, all the time. Basically, she has the empathy of a gnat. Maybe that shouldn't mean anything, but if I was choosing someone to work with, it certainly wouldn't be someone like that. And great photos are not the only thing a model has to have, as we've been told time and time again.

At one time, I actually liked Brittani best of this Cycle, but her constant drama has really turned into a fingernails-on-the-chalkboard thing for me. "I'm not on America's Next Top Actress!" sounds like nothing more than a whiny Drama Queen excuse, especially when all the girls know the final episode is always a Cover Girl commercial.Get over it, Brit, and kick Molly's butt.

So, despite the fact that on set both Mr. Jay and Nigel seemed most impressed with Hannah, at panel, the judges (ie, Tyra and Andre) were determined to hate her. They should have listened to the gentleman from IMG, who said that just standing there, Hannah radiates that something special star quality, while Molly is just a turn off. (I'm paraphrasing, but that's totally what he meant!) Although, based purely on pictures, I am not surprised Molly would stay. If I thought things were fair, I'd say Brittani should have gone home for all the drama, and her complete inability to act without crying.

However, things in life are rarely fair, and especially for sweet, girl-next-door Hannah, who believed her emotions gave her strength, right up until the judges told her how wrong her was (while simultaneously telling other girls all season to find some emotion and personality. Whatever.) So the very thing Hannah did well with her shoot this week, she was eliminated for. And Tyra gives her a parting shot of conflicting advice that confused me just as much as it obviously did poor Hannah, something about how rare and beautiful she is, but the judges want to feel it "here" (ie, in the heart, which...weren't they just telling her that her heartfelt emotions were actually her weakness? Talk about confusing!)

I hope the IMG guy snaps Hannah up and signs her to a contract. He was clearly taken with her, and I have a feeling he was one of the judges fighting to keep her in the competition when Tyra mentioned the "fierce debate" that took place behind the scenes. He was definitely turned off by Nigel's description of working with Brittani, and he did not like Molly's personality.

Now, I suppose in the finale I'll be rooting for Brittani. *sigh*