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20 July 2011 @ 08:55 pm
Sale Preview  
Here's a preview of some of the things I'll be offering in the sale post this weekend:

I made a couple of these "showstopper" pieces, cascade necklaces of copper chain and semi-precious stones. I only have pictures of the labradorite, but I also made one with lapis lazuli. (Please ignore how horrible the picture is of me wearing one. It's just to get an idea of what they look like on):




 Copper is actually one of my favorite metals. It is often dismissed in favor of silver or gold, but it has a unique look I think matches very well with pearls, labradorite, lapis, aquamarine...okay, I think it goes with everything. And often it gives pieces a more antique, or even ancient feel. I love combining copper with expensive stones. I think it has an unexpected beauty.

For the sale only, I'll be listing these necklaces at $75. Once they go into the Etsy store (if they don't sell), they will be over a hundred.

Some samples of earrings and pendants that will be in the sale:


Beautiful rainbow moonstone and sterling silver. It was really hard to capture the flash in both the labradorite above, and the rainbow moonstone here. You can see a little in the above photo, but not nearly as much as these stones really have. This is fantastic quality moonstone, very colorful.


Also, some chalcedony earrings and a matching pendant:



Comparable earrings in sterling silver right now go for anywhere from $30-50, mostly because the price of silver has tripled (again) in recent months. Prices in my Etsy store haven't changed to reflect this, but they will very soon. For this sale, I'll be offering the earrings for $20/pair, and the pendants for $15/pendant. Those prices will very likely never be seen again, as the cost of supplies continues to rise. 

So, if you've been eyeing things in my Etsy store for awhile, this weekend will be the time to buy. Or, if you just want a nice little pair of sterling silver earrings with some really great gemstones, now is the time to get them for a great deal. Whatever doesn't sell will be listed in my Etsy store following the sale, and not at these prices. 

 **Note - if you see something here you absolutely know you want, shoot me an e-mail or a comment and let me know. There are limited amounts of various styles and stones being offered, as this is purely inventory-on-hand. Since the sale doesn't go live until the weekend, I will hold items for people if they so desire.

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