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27 July 2011 @ 10:59 am
 OMG I LOVE this show! I stayed up until 2:00am last night because I couldn't stop watching. I want icons. Surely there's a fandom for this show, right? Someone point me to fic, to icons, to meta.

~ I just started season 2, and how awesome is it that the locker rooms are labeled GUYS and JULES? Oh, Sam. Don't worry, Jules is coming back. The team is her family.

~ When Ed was talking down his old mentor, and he was all choked up saying  "You taught me everything I know. Don't tell me this is where it leads, this is how is has to end." I was a crying mess. Yes Ed, that's exactly where it <i>could</i> lead. Especially for tough guys like you who don't think they need to talk to anyone about it. *loves Ed*

~ And Greg, you are the heart of this team. You make the hard choices, and you live with them for everyone. *loves Greg* 

~ I love some of the conversations Greg and Ed have. Greg always worries about the rest of the team, but never wants to really talk about it when Ed asks him if he's okay. They have these guy conversations that are short and to the point, and yet somehow expressive. They're like brothers, those two. 

~ Okay, so some of the people the team goes up against really are bad guys, but most of them are what I said before, people on the worst day of their lives. One of the characters referred to it as "meeting people during the worst twenty minutes of their lives" and that's pretty true.