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05 September 2011 @ 08:48 am
Labor Day  
Well here it is, Labor Day. Start of the school year. It's unbelievable how fast summer went by. Tomorrow, Mark is back in class with kids, and we're headed into fall. Soon, pre-holiday stuff will dominate everything. Of course, this also means that fall TV is back. So what new shows are people watching? I'm not sure that any of the new offerings have really grabbed me yet, other than The Secret Circle. But hey, that had a book trilogy it's based on that I loved in my youth, so, it's kind of a given that I'll be checking it out. 

Oh, speaking of Labor Day, today is that last day of the 15% off sale in my Etsy shop. Use coupon code LABORDAY at checkout to get the discount until midnight tonight PST. 

ETA: I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge and work in gold. However, there are problems with this. 1. Gold is very, very expensive, and only getting more so. It's the same price per toz now that platinum was when I got engaged a decade ago. Yikes! 2. Mining gold is one of the most environmentally damaging forms of mining. 20 tons of ore are processed in order to get enough gold for one tiny ring. So, I'm going to get around these problems by gathering up all of my old gold jewelry I no longer wear, and send it to a refiner, who will process it and remove the impurities, and then I will be able to trade this pure gold for the refined supplies I need to do some work. There are refiners and suppliers who only work in 100% "recycled" gold, and this is who I plan to work with.

To that end, if anyone has any old gold jewelry lying around they no longer wear, and never will, I'm offering to either work a trade or buy it at a fair market price. What that means is, a 10k gold ring would be weighed (I have a scale that does this) and then math applied to that weight to figure out that actual gold content, which would then be priced according to the market (which changes daily). Either I would offer to buy the gold from you for a fair price, or you could apply that price in trade from my store. This could be used immediately, or I could issue a "gift card" to be used on future purchases. Anyone interested in this can contact me via email, at suliabryon (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm both scared and excited by this venture. Really, if I want to get into making engagement and wedding sets, I have to make the move to gold. Not that silver isn't a perfectly acceptable precious metal for this, but a lot of people prefer gold for that purchase. I think my jewelry is finally ready to take that step. :)