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17 November 2011 @ 10:15 am
So, Criminal Minds was pretty creepy this week. And poor, poor Penelope. :( However, she was wearing some really awesome earrings! If I'm not mistaken, they were some really flashy labradorite, or a very good facsimile. Most people here know of my huge weakness for labradorite. Penelope has excellent taste. :)

Once Upon a Time is growing on me. 

I'm very upset that Chuck has been moved from its Monday time slot to the inconvenient Friday spot, where it conflicts with Clone Wars. :( I need a new Tivo, one that can record multiple shows at once. *sigh*

In gaming news, Skyrim is out. I've out it on my Christmas list. I'm waiting to hear from friends who have it to affirm how good it is. I'm still really disappointed in Oblivion, so...we'll see.