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28 December 2011 @ 11:50 am
Tivo news  
So, when I called Tivo to cancel the boxes we no longer need (because 4 channels!) they offered us a great deal on lifetime service for our old boxes. Normally these days, when you get a Tivo, you either sign up to pay $20/month for the service, or you buy the $500 lifetime service that means you don't have to pay a fee for the lifetime of that Tivo box.

The nice Tivo guy on the phone let us add lifetime service to both of our old boxes for an incredibly low price, because we and the boxes were grandfathered in under...well, it doesn't really matter. We just figured, jump on it, because someone will benefit from it. One we'll keep and use in the bedroom, so I can transfer recordings and watch my shows back there if Mark is busy using the main TV for his gaming. I was going to get rid of them both because of the monthly fee, but now there is no monthly fee! Anyway, we'll be finding a new home for the other box, which still works perfectly and now comes with a lifetime service and no monthly fee. I was going to put it up on ebay, but then I figured I'd see if anyone here wants it first. It's a Humax DRT800, which means it's an "80 hour series 2" Tivo that also comes with a DVD drive for burning shows to DVD is you like (we often used it to burn shows for friends to watch). You can also watch DVDs on it, but we rarely used it for that. It comes with the original manual, remote, and a wireless-B D-link usb connector that I'm pretty sure still works...I haven't tested it, or used it in a long time, but it worked fine the last time it was plugged in (we started using an ethernet cable directly once we moved the cable modem to the living room). The Tivo needs to be connected to the internet one way or the other to receive the weekly updates so you can record your shows.

We'll sell the whole package for $180 shipped anywhere in the US. (Keep in mind, $20-30 of that will be shipping.) Everything works great, but should you decide you want more hard drive space down the road Weaknees offers kits to replace the old hard drive with a 300+ hour one for a really great deal. If something does go wrong with a Tivo, it's usually the hard drive, so this would not only give you more recording space, but would theoretically extend the life of the Tivo by many years. It's what we would have eventually done, if someone hadn't gotten us a new Tivo for Christmas. :)

Anyway, if there are no takers, this will go to ebay in the next couple of days.