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Drawing Winners!

So, now that the Christmas madness is out of the way, I've finally sat down and gone through every single donation to Julius's surgery and entered them all into the random number generator. If you donated $5, you got 1 entry. If you donated $50, you got 10, and so on. 

Julius, btw, is doing so much better. I think I need to take him back in to the vet to file down his bottom canines just a little more. He keeps looking saber-toothed and is having some redness on his mouth from them rubbing. However, his energy is back to normal, and for some strange reason, he actually started using the cat trees for the very first time during his recovery. Mostly he sat on them a brooded with the cone of shame on his head, but since the cone coming off, he's still been sitting on them, and even playing on them! So that's a good side effect. :)

Anyway, here are the five winners via random number generator. If I have your LJ handle, I'm listing that, but for most people I just had real names, so only first names w/last initials are getting listed here. If you think you are one of the winners, check your paypal email, as I'll be sending those out next.

Winners of 5mm sterling silver post earrings:

Cynsa B.
Brigitte L.
Catherine M.
Caitlin K.

Congratulations! Hopefully you all either wear earrings, or know someone who would love a pair. You'll have a choice of stones between: iolite (blue-purple), white topaz (clear), garnet (red w/a touch of pink), and peridot (spring green).

For accurate pictures of the colors, all of these stones are represented in my Etsy store. You can search the store for the stone, and listings with good pics of them should pop up. 
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