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2012: Goals

It'a pretty simple this year:

1. Find a job. No, really. My unemployment is a week and a half from being gone, and I have zero prospects, despite countless applications. But hey, I'm not panicking. Yet.  

2. Finish the degree. It will officially be mine as of April 16th. This one is easy; all I have to do is finish my last three classes, which will pretty much be the same as the last twenty or so. Not that having my graduation date on my resume has helped me. At all. *is a little bitter*

3. Finish the final rewrite of the book. You know, space pirates. Nemesis. Which I haven't had time to work on since going back to school. Who knew writing papers every week would suck every drop of writing creativity from me? No fic, no book, nothing. I am now jonesing to write so very badly...and at the same time, mortally afraid I've somehow lost the knack for fiction completely in the midst of academia. 

And that's it. Three goals. That's all. 
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