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17 January 2012 @ 10:33 pm
Disney Meme  
Gakked from world_of_blade. And kistha, I totally expect you to do this next! 

1:Which Disney Princess film is your favorite?
Oh, wow! Way to start off with the tough questions...Beauty and the Beast

2:Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite?
The Lion King

3:Which Disney film makes you cry the most?
OMG The Fox and the Hound. Despite a deep childhood passion for this movie, and the fact that I own it even now, I don't watch it much as an adult. Because I cry every time. A lot. 

4:Which Disney film makes you the happiest?
Toy Story

5:Which Disney film has the best music?
Oh, man. Um, such a tough call. It's a toss up for me...between The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. Although Tarzan almost edges them all aside with Phil Collins and Mark Mancina. 

6:Which Disney film has the best love story?
Beauty and the Beast.

7:Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
It was Belle, until this past year, when Rapunzel took over that spot for me. 

8:Who is your favorite Disney Prince?
Aladdin. He gets the most screen time and character development of any of the princes.

9:Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick?
Again with the tough questions! I'm going to have to say Mushu.

10:Who is your favorite Disney main character animal?

11:Who is your favorite villian?
Maleficent, definitely Maleficent. (Although Ursula is a close runner up.)

12:Which Princess is the prettiest?
Sheesh, the pressure!! Um...they're all gorgeous. But the most beautiful...I'm going to say Jasmine. Her eyes, that hair...

13:Which Prince is the hottest?
Are we talking about the half naked portraits of them re-imagined by artist David Kawena? (Ooooh, there's new ones!) No? But can we be? Okay, okay. 

Actually, hands down the *hottest* Disney hero ever is Tarzan. That scene when he's all curious about Jane because he's never seen another human before, and he puts her hand on his naked chest and she gets totally freaked out because, you know, he put her hand on his naked totally built chest...yeah. 

But David Kawena makes them all totally hot. 

14:What is your favorite Disney song?
Lion King, "Circle of Life". I mean, is there any doubt?

15:What is your favorite Disney villian song?
Ursula, singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls".

16:What is your favorite Disney animal song?
Sebastian, "Under the Sea". I still remember being blown away by that song in the theater. 

17:What is your favorite Disney Princess song?
"Part of Your World", Ariel

18:What is your favorite Disney Prince song?
"I'll Make a Man Out of You" - Shang, Mulan

19:What is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess duet song?
This was my answer to #17, and then I got here, so...I moved it: I have to go with "I See the Light" from Tangled. One of the most beautiful Disney songs in a long time, although technically I suppose a duet. But then, so is Aurora's song "I Know You" (w/Prince Philip). 

20:What is your favorite Disney animal song? We already has this question, so I'm choosing to replace it with, what is your favorite Disney supporting cast song?
"Be Our Guest", Lumiere

21:What is your favorite Disney love song?
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" 

22:Maleficent or Lady Tremaine?
Maleficent, all the way. 

23:Jack or Gus-Gus?
That is so not a fair question! And it's Jaq, by the way. 

24:Iago, Abu, or Raja?
Raja! the big tiger always wins.

25:Magic Carpet or Genie?
Magic carpet. 

26:Flotsum or Jetsum?
Um...is there a difference??

27:Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle?

28:King Triton or the Sultan?
King Triton. 

29:Jasmine's Palace or Cinderella's Castle?
Cinderella's Castle, of course! 

30:Flora, Fauna, or Meriwether?
Hee! I kind of have to choose Fauna, since I dressed up as her once. :D

31:Todd or Copper?
*sobs* Even thinking about this movie almost makes me cry! Todd, no Copper, no...don't make me choose!

32:Rita or Georgette?

33:Tito or Frances?
Are these trick questions? Numbers 32 and 33 must refer to Disney films I haven't seen.

34:Marie, Toulouse, or Berlioz?
Marie! (Aristocats, for those who might be wondering.)

35:Belle's magic mirror or Rapunzel's healing hair?
Is this like pirates or ninjas? Because I can't really choose. Both!

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roseaponiroseaponi on January 18th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
32 & 33 refer to Oliver & Company :) georgette is a spoiled poodle, and Rita is the smart Lassie-mix, Tito is a scrappy Chihuahua, and Frances is a Shakespearean-actor bulldog.