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23 January 2012 @ 07:06 pm
Valentine's Jewelry  
Valentine's Day is, of course, one of the biggest days for giving jewelry as a gift. I've always figured, why wait for a significant other to do something like that? I used to get my best girlfriends flowers on Valentine's Day, and I've been known to buy myself jewelry (back in the days before I made it. Now I just make myself something special!) 

Rubies, being red and precious, are a traditional V-Day stone to give or receive. I usually offer something made with them around this time of year, and this year is no different. This time around, my first offering is a ring, set with a rose cut 1.6 carat ruby in a beautiful, traditional red color. 

I hand forged the tapered bezel setting, hammered and polished it for shine and texture, and added a band of argentium sterling silver and 14k gold fill twisted together. Size for this particular ring is 6.75, but I could easily make it in any size.

More info and pics at my Etsy store, as usual. 

Rubies not your thing? What gemstones would you prefer to get for Valentine's Day? 
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