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25 January 2012 @ 07:22 pm
New Stuff  
I'm sure it seems like the only thing I ever post about anymore is jewelry! But see, I'm going to mix things up by talking a little bit about fandom things, too. The coolest thing so far about my new Tivo? The fact that I can download whatever show I want, and use Toast to transfer it from my computer to my Tivo to watch on my television in a matter of moments! Coolest thing ever! I missed like the first five episodes of Chuck this season, because there is no way we are not recording The Clone Wars on Fridays. I've tried to watch them via Amazon, Hulu, and the CW website, to no avail. (Seriously, CW, WTH??) The whole episodes are simply unavailable! But now with this awesome feature on my Tivo, I am finally catching up on Chuck before the series finale airs!

But this is another jewelry post. It's one of the only things that keeps me posting on a semi-regular basis these days. Two more classes, and school will be done! Hopefully then I will be able to get back to my old routine, which includes writing and posting regularly. For now, some new pieces:

Oregon Sunstone studs, with really pretty schiller. 

And a filigree pendant featuring a 6mm rhodolite garnet and some whimsical little hearts. :) 

More pics and info at Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe.

I'm trying to post new jewelry every day. I'm always looking for inspiration, so drop me a comment if you have anything you'd like to see more of, or different from what I'm already making.

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