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04 February 2012 @ 09:05 am
Zoey Update  
Thankfully, the vet seems very certain the lumps are not cancerous. However, the one is large enough to be of concern, and they do want to remove it before it gets any bigger. 

But the lumps aren't the immediate issue, apparently. Her neck is. Like people, dogs can hurt their necks and spines, and somehow, she has. When we touched her, she would turn her head to look at us, which hurt. They took the predicted x-rays, but thankfully there is nothing out of joint. The vet thinks the liquid inside the discs in her back (just like people, again), has escaped one of them and inflamed her spinal cord, or the area round it. In any case, she is on pain pills and muscle relaxer for three weeks to fix the problem. Once all of that is done, then we will talk about removing the large lump. 

The vet was the same one who operated on Julius. she was very nice and completely understanding of our situation. It turns out, her husband is also unemployed and unable to find a job. Our local area is very job poor right now, and the few jobs available are competed for by hundreds, if not thousands of applicants. I think this is why she offered to do the Julius follow up for free. Unfortunately, Zoey's visit and treatment weren't, but she agreed that we had to do something. Apparently, untreated sometimes dogs will actually rupture a disc, and this can lead to paralyzation. Better to treat it now and help her body fix itself. 

I am still running my donation raffle. The visit, x-rays and meds were $300 we no longer have for things like groceries. It is three weeks until Mark gets another paycheck, so the only money we have coming in right now is from jewelry sales. The $300 came out of what we had budgeted to buy food, gas, and pay bills during that three weeks. 

Thank you so much to those who have already boosted the signal, bought jewelry, or donated. We appreciate it so very much. 
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Violetvioletinstincts on February 5th, 2012 06:48 am (UTC)
I am sorry your dog is not well. I hope everything works out and the tx gets everything back to normal.

I am also having probs with funds right now, but I will Re-Post this on my LJ to let others know what is happening in case they can help. *sends hugs*