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29 February 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Oh, Hi Livejournal!  
It's been a bit since I posted! That means, time for a bullet list update!

Things I have been up to, or whatever:

~ I am just seven short weeks from being DONE with school. I've started dreaming about writing fiction again, instead of academic papers. No lie.

~ Mass Effect 3. 6 DAYS, BABY!! In the meantime, I have been playing the demo, which is shockingly AWESOME. Maybe I should explain that statement, since I've obviously been anticipating 'awesome' with this game for quite some time. So, the demo is a couple of very short excerpts from the campaign, and then two multiplayer maps to play coop with up to four people. Honestly, I thought I would dislike the multiplayer aspect, or at the very least be completely intimidated and/or bored by it. I mean, I've watched the husband play games online for years. Running around in a party and killing things for hours on end seems REALLY BORING to me. Where's the story? I play games for story and characters and escapism. Shooting things is just...shooting things. But then I finished the small campaign sections and wanted MORE, so I went and ahead and checked out multiplayer, you know, just for fun...and I totally LOVE IT. I don't know if it's because it's Mass Effect, and I'm already predisposed to love the world and the different classes and abilities, or what, but I totally freaking love it. I have several male friends who play, all of whom are veterans of the very similar multiplayer/combat style of the Gears of War franchise, not to mention many, MANY FPS games, and they were all very kind about my first few maps, wherein they would all earn our group TONS of XP, and then there was me, with like, 2k if I was really, really lucky. And I died a lot and they had to revive me. But then, I discovered the sniper rifle, and I started racking up the kills, and gaining experience, and one time I even managed to be the top most earning player on our team!! It was an exciting moment for me. 

Anyway, I actually understand the husband's obsession with online play for the first time. It's not like I ever gave him any crud about it or anything. I'm not one of those wives who begrudges her husband xbox time. I just thought "not my cuppa". BUT, I kinda get it now. Plus, I get to play other races. I totally forgot how fun that small section was in ME2 where you very briefly play a Krogan. I'm leveling up a Krogan soldier right now and it's awesome! He says all of these Krogan-gruff things, and in melee he head-butts the enemy to death, because he's just that badass. What I REALLY want to unlock, though, is the Asari adept class. I can't seem to do it, but I WANT TO so badly! Statis! Plus, playing an Asari! Just super cool. 

Anyway, I have been counting down the days for ME3's release. I cannot wait. I have no doubt after playing the demo, that the game will live up to and possibly exceed all of my expectations. The Kinect controls are freaking cool - "Garrus, concussive shot" "Liara, Singularity". Saying it, and having your squad mates act is a very nice feature. I'm a little "meh" about the Vega character. I'm kind of like "why the hell do we need another human soldier-type?" We already have Kaidan and presumably Jacob. And in the demo, it seems like we start the game with Vega and Shepard already being fast friends. IDK, I feel kind of like he's being forced on us, and I don't really care about him. I care about characters I've already played with and love. 

Speaking of love, I read somewhere that something like 70% of players were not true to their ME1 romance, and stepped out with someone else in ME2, which is supposed to have consequences in ME3. (I was true to Kaidan, which is supposed to have a big payoff in ME3. Honestly, I was mad enough about how they handled him in ME2 that I totally intended to cheat. And then somehow got to the end of the game and hadn't...) Anyway, I read this interview with the head writer for ME3, where the (female) interviewer commented that she romanced Kaidan in ME1, but Thane in ME2, and she asked how that was going to affect her gameplay in ME3, and his comment was basically "Good luck with that." He was a little nicer, but really that's pretty much what he said. Now I kind of wish I had another playthrough I could import where I had been with Thane, and I could see what happens. I'm guessing that the two romances will make Shepard choose, but with Bioware there could easily be something much more cruel up their collective sleeve. Like...choosing which one lives!

Wow, so I should really shut up now and move on to something non-Mass Effect related. Suffice to say, I am VERY EXCITED about this coming Tuesday!

~ Um...where was I? Oh, right. So, apparently we are supposed to get snow tonight. It's been like an earl spring here, and now, tonight it's supposed to freeze and snow. We shall see.

~ Pet updates: Zoey's kink in her neck has stopped hurting her, but she has developed a totally severe front leg limp. I even took her to a dog chiropractor at the local dog show last weekend, who confirmed she has a neck issue and that could easily be causing the limp. She worked on her, and we'll see, but she may have to go back to the vet. We are out of pain pills/muscle relaxers, and the problem is still there. 

As for Julius, the vet did the promised follow-up look at his bottom two fangs, which were uncomfortably rubbing his upper lip after his previous dental surgery, and reluctantly concluded the only thing to do for his comfort was to pull them. VERY graciously, the vet did this FOR FREE. I know. Super nice. I am going to bake cinnamon rolls as a thank you and bring them in next week. Anyway, he gets sent home, no cone of shame this time, and a couple of days later there is this horrible smell on him. Like, we think maybe he got some litter box leavings rubbed into his coat. Only I gave him a bath (much to both his and my dismay), and the smell was still there. And suddenly he starts acting all lethargic, and it dawns on me, the smell is an indication of infection! So I get some antibiotics from the vet, and now he is doing much, much better. The horrible smell is gone, and he is starting to act like his old self again. Hopefully he'll be a healthy cat for a long, long time now!

~ Um, I think that's it for now. New jewelry photos coming sometime soon.