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Ha ha ha! SCORE!

As you all may know from my previous hair-related posts, I have complicated hair. Very fine, but lots of it, and it's naturally wavy/curly, so it tangles easily. This is a terrible catch-22. Most commercial conditioners with silicone in them are not only bad for overall hair health, but the silicone weighs down my hair until I have almost no body, not to mention curl. 

However, 99.9% of the natural shampoo/conditioners I have tried just don't work for me. I get horrible - and I do mean HORRIFYING tangles. I once spent a nightmare, teeth gritting hour trying to work one out. BUT, my favorite natural skin care company finally came out with a Shampoo/Conditioner set, so I immediately ordered it to try, and I LOVE IT. My hair is curlier than it has ever been, yet more free of tangles. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE

So, imagine my dismay when I went to reorder, only to find them out of stock. No problem, I thought. I'm sure they just sold out of the first shipment. I waited, and waited, while my bottles dwindled in product. Finally, I sent the company a desperate e-mail, and this morning, I got a response: we still have some left, call to order.

The bad news: they may not be getting it back, for reasons I have no idea of. The lady just said if they do get it back, the formula will likely have changed slightly. I'm guessing this could mean they can't get one of the ingredients anymore, or maybe it didn't work for everyone else as fantastically as it has for me. (The lady did question me about my hair: what kind of hair do I have, what results I experiences, etc. I guess I am the only person who loved the stuff SO MUCH, she e-mailed and called up to buy more!)

The good news: It has a guaranteed shelf life of 1 year, and I just bought 4 of each, which should last me just about that long. What will happen if they don't have it anymore at that point? I have NO IDEA. I'll cry, probably. 

But right now, I'm doing the fist pump of victory! My hair will be well managed for the next year! :)
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