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29 April 2014 @ 04:59 pm
More thoughts on AoS  
I've been to a dark place, people. It's been so long since I've actively been involved in fandom, I forgot what some of the fringes can be like. For example, I really have to stop reading reviews of the last episode, and particularly the comments on said reviews, and their reactions to Ward's character.

Really. Must. Stop.
Because there are a lot of idiots out there who think there are only two possibilities: Ward staying a villain and dying, or Ward having a last minute, Darth Vader-esque shot at redemption by heroically sacrificing himself to save someone - probably Skye. After which he dies.

What is wrong with people? It's like they've never seen a Joss Whedon show before. THOSE ARE NOT THE ONLY POSSIBILITIES, PEOPLE. And for those saying "there is no possible redemption for Ward where he still ends up with the Team. Tripp is so clearly his replacement, blah blah." RIDICULOUS.

1 - Joss has made a career out of complicated characters and their morality. All the way back to Buffy. Angel/Angelus. Spike. These were villains who did horrible things and were eventually redeemed. Even Anya started out as, well...not "good". And Drusilla, Darla, too many other characters to name - these are writers who like to mess with people's sense of good and evil, and almost no one is all the way one or the other. Also, people switch sides frequently, and NO ONE is beyond redemption.

1b - see Firefly and Shepard Book. Also, Mal had his dark moments. And Jayne was not exactly a hero (unless the money was good). And in Serenity, the main villain who is that world's version of a specialist turns against his handlers in the end and decides to walk a different path. JUST SAYING.

2- I concede that Tripp looks like he is sticking around - AWESOME. I like him, he is the grandson of a Howling Commando (Cap's team in the 40's), and I like the dynamic he brings so far. But him sticking around does not mean that Ward is automatically dead.

3- From every article or interview I've read, it seems like Ward's villainy was something the writers had planned for a very long time. Possibly since the moment someone handed them a Captain America: TWS script back at the beginning of AoS. They kept it from the actor playing him until they had to reveal it. That reveal is hands down the most interesting thing to happen on this show all season. It would be utterly wasteful to spend this long building up to it, only to kill him off a handful of episodes later.

The way I see it, there are two real options (beyond the scenarios that call for Ward to die, because I just don't see that happening).


Ward stays a villain with Hydra, and spends most of next season being a constant thorn in the side of the Team, while making creepy eyes at Skye and occasionally making equally creepy remarks that might be his villainous form of flirtation. Skye has erased his digital existence now, just like the rest of the Team, so if Ward goes to ground and doesn't want to be found...well, good luck. If this happens, I expect to see him committing worse and worse atrocities than what we've already seen. Everyone is all "HE KILLED KOENIG, HE IS SO IRREDEEMABLE!" And I'm like, really? Koenig is one guy we only knew for, like, two episodes. Just wait until he kills someone we really care about, like Fitz. Then you will know this is a Joss Whedon show.

Oh, and even that would not make him irredeemable.Seriously, folks. Go back and watch the entire back library of Joss shows, and get back to me, okay? (And yes, I know this show is actually being run by Joss's brother Jed. Whatever. It's still a Joss show.)


Either before the end of this season, or sometime next season, Ward switches sides. Either because of his feelings for Skye (which historically, love has often been the driving reason for bad guys turning sort of good on these shows), or because he finally sees Hydra for what they really are, and SHIELD for what they are, or whatever. But he switches sides. This does not mean he is welcomed back to the Team with open arms. However, it also does not mean they won't have some reason that has not yet been revealed to need him. They need something he knows, something only he has, and so are forced to work with him again. Maybe to find and take down Garrett. (Because Ward and Garrett clearly have a long history.) Maybe for some other diabolical saving-the-world reason. Whatever. The writers will come up with something, and then Ward will be a prisoner working with the Team, that will eventually begin to trust him again, because that's what happens when you constantly place your life in someone else's hands.

Either of these scenarios has interesting possibilities, and by the way, scenario 2 could totally follow up after scenario 1. They are not mutually exclusive.

And sure, there is a lot to be said for this having "been done before". But I almost always find the villain to be the most interesting guy in the room. I will be there, however this unfolds, and I am EXCITED to be there, however this unfolds. (Obviously).

Oh, and by the way, Tripp could easily replace Ward's previous role on the Team in either scenario, without Ward needing to die.

And let's not forget - we don't know who - or what - Skye really is. There is also the Macguffin of whatever powers she may or may not have, that could somehow be used on or around this entire scenario. It's Marvel, so... anything could happen.

And I know that no one who wrote those many, many comments will ever read this, but I feel better for venting.
kistha on April 30th, 2014 04:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, instant and inevitable death is what Joss's characters wish for.....