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30 April 2014 @ 02:53 pm
Agents of Shield - Nothing Personal  
Of course, everything was very personal about last night's episode of AoS. Also, bullet points:

- Maria Hill talking to Pepper Potts! *fangirly flailing*

- Skye totally impressed me. She held it together long enough to try and get him arrested. It was probably the best play available to her with SHIELD disbanded, but at the same time, she should have known those cops were no match for Ward. Remember the hallway and the 97% chance of death, Skye?? Anyway, it was well played, and she almost escaped...almost.

- The whole "I'm going to make pancakes!" Really, show? That was the best you could come up with for Simmons to find Koenig's body? Whatever. Anyway, everyone's reactions after they found him (and Skye's message) were well done. No one wants to believe it, but the evidence is irrefutable.

- "Are you going to shoot me? Because if you are, I'm not coming out." Classic Coulson. :)

- Coulson and Hill, kicking military ass and taking names. That was AWESOME.

- May climbing out of Coulson's empty grave in front of a bewildered mourner was a nice moment of levity. However, why would SHIELD put an important level 10 flash drive in Coulson's grave to be found by whoever decided to dig it up?

- I want to see an episode where May and Maria Hill go on a mission together. Or  maybe read fic about it. Whatever. These two would be fantastic in action.

- The scene where Ward and Skye finally confront each other with the truth has to be my favorite in the episode.Like most good villains, Ward doesn't see himself as evil. Not a good man, no, but not evil. He's a spy. He does what he has to, for duty, and to survive. In his mind, the beliefs that started Hydra back in the day having nothing to do with the modern version. (Although I think he may start questioning that now.) For her part, Skye can't believe he doesn't see Hydra for what they are, or himself for what he is.

"I'm a survivor."
"You are a serial killer."

Ouch. That had to hurt.

How did Ward think that conversation was really going to go? He tells Skye he would never hurt her, because his feelings for her are genuine. That removes any leverage he had to force her to crack the hard drive for him. She knows he won't hurt her. (And I love the fact that she actually fought him and attacked him in venting her feelings of anger and betrayal. And sure, he could kill her any day of the week, but because he doesn't want to hurt her, she actually gets a couple of good cracks in.) Ward's only real option here is to convince Skye to crack the hard drive by...what, joining Hydra? But he never gets the chance to try, because she sidetracks their conversation by focusing on his betrayal and the things he's done.

Then Garrett loses patience, and orders Deathlok to kill Ward if Skye doesn't crack the hard drive for him. Somehow, despite everything, Garrett believes that Skye will not sacrifice Ward's life. That is a pretty huge leap, I've got to say. May, for example, would have said "Go ahead." But Garrett is either banking on Skye not being a killer, or Skye still having feelings for Ward despite everything. (I'm sure I know which of those options fandom is going with.) I have to say, I think it was a combination of the two. Skye is not yet jaded enough to let Deathlok kill Ward. She is also probably still torn by some vestige of the feelings she had when Ward was on the Team and mentoring her. Sure, he's a bad guy now. But that doesn't mean she's ready to be the one to kill him, even indirectly.

In the end, Skye gives up the hard drive for Ward's life. Ward is pretty pissed at Deathlok, who turns his own words back onto him, telling him "I was just following orders." Orders from Garrett, Ward. Chew on that.

- The scene between Maria and Ward. WTF, show? That better have been some BS way for Ward to try and get under her skin, calling her "eye candy" and not some misogynistic new belief of Evil!Ward, because the show up until this point has done nothing but make Ward utterly respectful of kick ass women. He has always aspired to be as good as Natasha, and even as his evil self, he flatly called May the most dangerous member of the Team. So what the hell was that crap, show? It better not happen again.

- Lola! Lola  falling flying falling through the sky! That was awesome, so awesome. And when they land, the looks on their faces, and Skye's hair...lololololol!!

- Aw, wasn't that conversation between Simmons and Fitz sweet? Raise your hand if you suddenly think Simmons is Hydra. *raises hand* Wouldn't that be a twist? They think they're dealing with the traitor on the Team with Ward, but all along Simmons has been the best actor of them all? Just saying.

- So, Coulson was the head of Tahiti? At least for awhile. Interesting. And who else finds it ominous the list of common side effects of those revived with the alien juice? I mean, one outlier who turns out okay, maybe, but both Coulson and Skye have been brought back to life with the stuff now. What does that mean? And Skye's memories weren't altered, so her chances of going crazy are much higher, right? Assuming her o-8-4 status does not make her somehow impervious. Interesting.

So, next week we get more Ward backstory, and we'll see how things progress for him. It seems like they might be spiraling in a bad way. I really hope they don't take the easy way out and kill him off in the next two episodes.