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09 May 2014 @ 04:57 pm
Agents of Shield Renewed!  
I know everyone who cares probably knows by now, but ABC officially picked it up, AND just as exciting, have also picked up the related series Agent Carter, to air between the 2 halves of AoS S2 (I think). This will be a show dedicated to the spy adventures of Peggy Carter (which will no doubt make me even more sad that she and Steve never had their chance together.)
Stephstephdub on May 10th, 2014 12:26 am (UTC)
I am super excited about Agent Carter! I love the character, and I'm glad there will actually be a chance to flesh her out.
kistha on May 10th, 2014 04:49 am (UTC)
So depressing ... and yet cool. But...sniff