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13 April 2015 @ 05:50 pm
WTH was that?  
What the heck was that TWD? Did you just need to kill another character? Does Beth die like that in the comics? What? I mean, if she had stabbed Dawn with those scissors and it had done ANY kind of significant damage at all, okay. But they basically stuck her uniform and maybe barely pricked her skin. And it seems to me that was lame writing, because by now, Beth was growing into a bit of a badass, and she would have known where to stab to do some damage, and if she didn't want to do damage, why stab her at all?

I just really wish, if her character had to go out, that she could have gone out in some kind of more meaningful way. That was brutal. The look on Rick's face.

And Daryl. Poor Daryl.The potential was there for something really awesome for Daryl and Beth, whether "awesome" means romantic relationship, or just an incredible friendship that included mentoring in which Beth became the group's second best tracker. IDK. So much potential for a character that was basically a glorified babysitter for two seasons, and the second they do something interesting that makes me think "Oh, this could be GOOD" she is gone.

In the words of Daryl: "She is just gone."

Obviously I am back to watching the show. I am sure when I am over this latest emotional upset, I will post something positive, meaning not a rant. Because I would not still be watching if there wasn't something awful and fantastic about this show. But for now...

...for now, I am just unspeakably sad.

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