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03 June 2015 @ 10:05 am
Word Count Update  

Chapter 4 was difficult for many reasons. One, it switches to and introduces the other POV character for the book (Reaper), which in turn introduces the pirates and their whole identity, as well as the five specific characters who are with Reaper. Two, it begins the catalyst of the story, which will culminate in the next chapter. It took me a couple of days and several "thinking breaks" to finish it, to make sure I was doing justice to all of those layers of complexity. 

My real favorite bit is super spoilery, so my next favorite bit: 

When we go in, said Reaper, speaking telepathically to all of them, Zion and I will take point. Then Knox, followed by Mateo and Jax. Titus stays here. They needed their pilot in place for a fast extraction, in case anything should go wrong. Once we’ve dealt with any immediate hostiles, Jax will lead us to the target.

What if you need a medic? Titus did not sound pleased at being left behind.

Reaper gave everyone a long look.

Don’t need one, he ordered. 

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