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It's a good thing we love them, otherwise we'd have to kill them.

The exciting portion of our evening:

Zoey, our beautiful husky/lab mix, likes to chew things when we leave her alone.  This has largely disappeared, thanks to use of the Kong and liberal application of things like peanut butter, giving her something to work for when we leave her.

However, some things are just too temping to resist.  Like two mostly full bags of Easter candy, specifically, miniature Snickers, and Butterfinger eggs wrapped in foil.  My husband left them on the coffee table after playing a couple maps of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 earlier tonight.

I came into the house a little bit ago to find both bags empty, and the contents eaten, foil wrappers and all.  

That's like 50-60 individual wrapped chocolates.

A quick call to kistha, who was kind enough to call the veterinarian she used to work for, yielded these possible plans of action:

1. Watch her, and as she looks like she's doing fine, let the mess pass through her system, resulting in a probable few days of diarrhea tinged with blood.  Feed her boiled chicken and rice during this time, to help calm her aggravated intestines.  Which, really, how can they NOT be aggravated?  I'm pretty sure consuming two entire bags of Easter candy in one sitting would make me sick, and that's without the foil wrappers.

2. Administer some hydrogen peroxide, which will apparently induce explosive vomiting.  

Um.  None of these options sound good, you know?  But better than the dog dying because foil and chocolate get stuck halfway through her system, or the chocolate gives her a heart attack.

I have rice cooked in chicken broth on the stove now.  *sigh*  This would be so much easier if she would just throw up on her own.  Mark is all for feeding her the peroxide and letting that happen.  I'm a little afraid that would result in her throwing up all night, so I'm voting for option #1.  

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Lion Cubs!

 You quota of cute for the day, the Bronx Zoo has Lion Triplets!

"It's more than just how cute they are..."

Yeah, that's what you think, mister!  Sure, it's nice to think of people learning about these animals, etc, but really, seriously, honestly - people come see them for the cute factor.  And who can blame them?  The video is great.  He's all talking seriously, and here are these cubs, rolling and wrestling and beating tufts of grass about.  HEE!
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 A man in China went into an elementary school class full of kindergarteners, and stabbed 28 of them.  This is just the latest in a series of school attacks that have China hurting, angry, and confused.  

Let me just say, I am horrified this happened to a class of kindergarteners.  It's tragic whenever a school is targeted, but God.  What kind of person does that?  Mentally ill, sure, but...children, and so very young.  Why??

This all sounds pretty familiar, except for the choice of weapon.  I have long held that a knife can do just as much - if not more damage - as a gun.  Knives are quieter weapons, and statistically, I'd rather get shot.  You're actually more likely to survive a gun shot wound than you are a knife wound.  I know, it doesn't seem possible, but it's true.  60% of gunshot victims survive due to the nature of the wounds, while knife victims don't have nearly the same chance.   Knife wounds bleed out, and if the knife wielder knows at all what he's doing, they do it fast.  Gunshot wounds bleed, but have a tendency to self seal, which means less bleeding and more time for help to get there.

There are several videos floating around that show knives vs. guns.  I attended a knife and gun seminar once taught by a guy from the British SAS, and let me tell you, not once did the "attacker" with the gun (or attackers in some cases) beat him when he had a knife in his hand.  

In any case, it is sad that even without access to guns, school attacks are still going on with other weapons.  I am not shocked (at least by that aspect), but I wish I could say I was.
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Hello, hello

 It seems I've gone so long without a general post, I have too many things to talk about.

Well, first the sad news.  I have managed to fry something on my espresso machine.  :(  I apparently left the steam button on all day and overnight all unknowing, and have likely burnt out the heating coil or possibly the thermal fuse.  Either are beyond my skill to repair, and so I'm calling espresso repair places to see what can be done.  In the meantime, I am managing with inferior coffee.  The horror!!

I finished the lastest Dresden files book by Jim Butcher, and as last year's entry in the series, this one will make my top five books of the year list.  Wow.  Jim wasn't kidding when he entitled the book Changes.  I am very unhappy that we now must wait a whole entire year to find out WTH happens after that season finale-esque cliffhanger ending.  

But the book was excellent.  Probably my favorite so far in the series, which is saying something.

One of my crit partners got a full manuscript request from the Donald Maass agency, which is pretty nifty stuff.  I don't have any exact figures or anything, but they're probably the oldest, most prestigious literary agency representing genre fiction out there.  That's not to say other agencies are any better or worse, but when the client list is as large and full as theirs is bound to be, getting a request for a full is pretty awesome, even if that's as far as it goes.  (Which I hope it won't be.  This particular writer is long overdue for such things as landing an agent and getting published.  He often says it's anybody's game in our little crit circle for who will succeed in that area first, but I feel strongly that I'd rather he get there before me.  Of the five or so novels of his I've read, I would buy any one of them off the shelf, and then buy everything else he ever wrote.)

My own writing, well now that Norwes is past and the sewing machine is packed away, I'm back to that third rewrite of Nemesis.  I'll keep you all posted, and perhaps I'll even post a snippet soon.  

I've had a couple of jewelry orders for the first time in...awhile.  A sign of improving economic times?  Perhaps.  One can hope, as selling jewelry has become less a hobby and more a stay-home-and-work necessity of late.  I'm contemplating how to make that a reality.

All my TV shows are headed toward season finales, and it seems like the seasons just started, somehow!  I was less than impressed with the Criminal Minds spinoff set up episode of last week.  It reminded me painfully of NCIS: LA, which was a crushing disappointment.  I'm not sure I'll be tuning in if it gets the green light.  Chuck continues to be awesome, as does The Vampire Diaries.  I've been drawing out my watching of the last season of B5, to extend it just a little longer.  I don't want it to be over! :(  

I'm all caught up on the pretty trash that is Spartacus.  The husband has even started watching, but he can't quite get past the overdone fight scenes.  Although he says it's a lot like a train wreck - so bad you can't look away.  We'll see if he continues past the first few eps.  I doubt it.  He is less drawn to all the pretty naked muscle decorating the screen, after all.  

USA is apparently planning some sort of spy show, so you all know I'm there for that when it airs.  I need another spy show in my life.  :)

I'll close with some jewelry pics.  First new stuff I've made in a really long time.  Mixed metal earrings.

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As usual, more pics and info at my Etsy store.

Relaxation time.

 After eight and a half straight hours of sewing today, I am now sitting down to some fantastic sushi and a vodka tonic.  The sushi place just down the hill from us finally opened, and since the grocery store is in the same little shopping complex, I was able to get some tonic water and limes.  And I picked the husband up a small pepperoni from the "gourmet" pizza place we've never tried right next to the new sushi place.  Turns out, they also have regular pizza the husband will eat, and damn if that pepperoni doesn't look amazing.  

Of course, I'm sticking to my fantastic sushi.  The lady behind the counter talked me into trying their blackened tuna roll - eight pieces for $5, and wow, it is yummy.  I also got my "usual" tempura shrimp roll and unagi nigiri (fresh water eel - mmmmmm.)  

I am in a nice place of bliss, at the moment.

Oh, before I sign off, we saw How to Train Your Dragon yesterday evening.  What a fantastically adorable movie.  I actually want to see it in the theater again, I liked it so much.  Usually I only say that about Pixar CGI animated movies.  
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Images you can't stop seeing

 Last night on my way home from a friend's house, I witnessed an awful thing.  Ahead of me a large SUV and the large truck behind it were stopped in the road, and I was irritated as I came up on them and they stayed where they were.  It was clear they hadn't hit one another, and the way they were positioned made it seem as thought the front vehicle, the SUV, was just deciding whether or not they really wanted to turn off the road, and the truck was deciding whether or not to wait, or just go around them.  Shortly thereafter, the SUV did pull off to the side, and the truck did go around them, but only to pull off a few feet down.  As I was wondering what this was all about, movement in the yard beside them caught my eye.  

At first, it looked like two cats fighting, maybe.  It was dark, and hard to see clearly, and I think my brain was trying to make sense of what it was actually seeing.  Because a few seconds later, I realized it was a good sized dog, thrashing wildly on the ground because it had been hit by one of the vehicles.

It was an awful image of that poor animal in pain that has been burned into my mind.  :(  I cried.  I almost stopped, but there wasn't anymore room to pull over, and it was clear the people in the truck had stopped to aid the people in the SUV with whatever needed doing.  

But I still see that poor dog whenever I close my eyes.  Mark said when they're thrashing around like that, death is probably very imminent.  He meant it to be comforting, but all I can think of is how much pain it must have been in.  

I wish I hadn't seen it.  

I came home and hugged Zoey until she was like "Okay, crazy woman, let go of my neck!  Sheesh!"  

I feel very sorry for whoever the owners are.
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I have totally failed

 ...on my vow to routinely read/post to LJ, post my layoff.

*clears throat*

Hi LJ!  I've missed you.  I've had several things I've thought about posting, from sprouted flour/bread, to the fantabulous birthday a friend had recently, wherein I got the treat of being spoiled right along with her (at a really real spa.  A women's only spa.  With scrubs, and massage, and moisturizing wraps, and these rooms that are heated and lined with things like charcoal, or salt, or jade.  It was pretty much the most awesome thing ever.)  I've thought about it, I've even opened a post window a few times, and something always pulls me away before I write it.

So, on the sprouted flour front - it's interesting stuff!  I do think it has a slightly different flavor, all by itself, and it's expensive, so my recent breadmaking has been using 1 cup of sprouted flour to 3 cups of regular.  This produces a loaf that looks, tastes, and feels like regular white bread, but 1/4th of it is this sprouted flour that has the chemical make up of a vegetable, not a starch.  I think this is a compromise I can live with, health and expense-wise.

I have been working on the last of the edits for Nemesis lately.  I'm so close to being done...and yet magically, it seems there is always another few chapters til the end.  

I'm almost done w/S2 of Babylon 5. Collapse )
Also, the husband and I have been working our way through S2 of Damages.  We've decided it's like The Shield, except with lawyers, a little less sex, and a little less horror, but just as many twists, turns, excellent characters, gripping drama, and train wreckage, in its own way.

Don't get me wrong; The Shield is one of the best written, best acted, best done shows from pilot to series finale ever done.  This is not a bad comparison.  But I would never, ever, be tempted to re-watch it.  Once was quite enough.  It still has the most traumatizing finale to a season of television I have ever seen.  I am watching Damages, and thinking "So, will S3 or 4 of this show be like that?"  Because it feels like it totally could be.

It's an awesome show.  If you like shows like...like Dexter, or Deadwood, you should pick up Damages.

I'll try to check in here more regularly.  I miss all of you guys.  I think about you, even when I'm not logging on, and I'm reading more often than I'm posting (which isn't hard, truthfully.)


And life goes on.

 In keeping with, well, keeping to a schedule, I'm going to try to do my usual read LJ/post thing every day.  
Yesterday, I admit I didn't do much.  I cut out some patterns in preparation for costuming.  I played some Mass Effect (preparing for the release of ME2 soon, not that I'll be buying it right away, more's the pity.)  Today, I worked on jewelry, and followed up with the unemployment claim I filed.  Turns out, I'll be taking a $600 per month hit to what I used to make.  *winces*  That's a lot of money to suddenly not have coming in.  And apparently, the Unemployment office is backed up, so who knows when I'll get my first check.  Of course, Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  *sigh*

In the meantime, I'm watching Babylon 5 for the first time.  A friend has been trying to get me to watch it for over a year, and now I finally have the opportunity to do it, and get her season boxed sets back to her. :)   It was hard to get into it at first, but I'm on episode 8 or so of S1 now, and it's keeping me entertained.  

No news from the old job, not that I expected any right away.  In the meantime, I'll just keep writing and making jewelry.  Once Nemesis is done, I'll look further into some freelancing.  I need to do something the help make up the money I'm suddenly not earning.  It's been a long time since I had to worry about having enough money for things like groceries.  I don't much like it.  

In any case, here's some pretty photos for you of a recent custom order.  If you've been waffling about ordering something from me, now would be a good time - no waiting!  :D

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If you're interested, here's the listing for a ring like this one in my Etsy store.  

The first day of the rest of my life

 Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my last post.  Really, truly, thank you.  I appreciate it so much.  Yesterday was this strange mix of people at work being sympathetic and angry on my behalf (I can't tell you how many Feds came through to tell me how they think this is all so much BS) and other people pretending nothing was wrong and not looking directly at me (mostly the contractors I work with), as though not making the transfer and being consequently laid off were catching.  

My boss was super nice and obviously feeling terrible about it all.  At about 3:00pm, which is 6:00pm back East where all the Big Bosses are, he received a personal phone call the Mr. Boss who is in charge of this entire transfer.  Mr. Boss has NEVER spoken to my boss before, and he called him up personally and mentioned me by name, telling him which sub-contractor they think I should send my resume to (part of the problem in all of this is that no one seems to know which sub the admin positions are going to fall on).  While not a guarantee, this is encouraging news.  (Although I haven't heard great things about this particular sub contractor, but hey, who knows?)

Someone is obviously rattling some cages over this, which makes me feel a little better.  I'm not forgotten the moment I'm out the door.

Then my boss let me leave an hour and a half early, and helped me carry out my stuff out, and hugged me and said how it was a good six years, which it was.  I got a little teary (actually, I cried several times over the course of the day).  

So, today is the first day of waking up and having no where to go.  I woke with a migraine this morning.  Not exactly surprising.  It's mostly gone now, and I'm about to go and fill out my unemployment paperwork.  In the meantime, I'll catch up on Wednesday night's tv, and then make some jewelry today.  I want to write, too, but I'm not sure I'm in the right frame of mind.  Apparently, my current mood is making itself known in my face, my body language, my voice, and my writing (so says one of my best friends.)  I don't want to hurt Nemesis with it.  

I promise, my pity party won't go on forever.  I will post about something else soon - maybe even today.  I know there are so many worse off right now.  I am grateful for what I have.  And hey, I should be able to finish those revisions to Nemesis right up now!  :D
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No good news today on the job front.

My boss took me out for a farewell lunch today. The good news: several people here on site will continue fighting for us after I'm no longer on site. The bad news: for all intents and purposes, tomorrow is my last day.

I know some people who have had moderate success in the freelance writing world. Writing articles for various websites and the like. I'm thinking about looking into that, instead o just sitting around collecting unemployment and waiting for a job that might not come. Anyone have any advice about how to get into that? I do have a (fiction) pro sale, so that's some experience, I suppose.
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