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I am a writer, first and foremost. I've been writing since the days when I scrawled my first horrific novel into a sprial bound notebook, when I was in the hell otherwise known as the 6th grade. (It was a terrible SF/Romance with shades of Star Wars thrown in. Because that was the summer when my parents bought TOT on VHS, and I literally watched them every single day.) I haven't stopped writing all these years later, and don't imagine I ever will. I also dabble in fanfic from time to time, whenever the mood (or the characters) strike me. I have a thing for well done villains and dark heroes, as anyone who knows my fandom tastes can attest. :)

I talk about a lot of things in this journal. Writing. Fandom. TV shows. Movies. Books. Beading and jewelry making. Coffee. Even, occassionally, my regular boring life stuff. I have a husband and friends who sometimes drive me crazy, but whom I love dearly. I feel I should warn you, I have a mildly obsessive personality, and am prone to posting on whatever my latest interest/obsession is with annoying repetitiveness for days on end, or until the next interest/obsession strikes me. On the plus side, I tend to throw myself into things with both feet, so while the posts might get annoying, you'll probably learn more about, say, coffee and the right way to make it than you ever wanted to know. Seriously.

Also, I can be very silly and fangirly when it comes to my favorite shows and/or movies. I might go on and on about various blue eyed spies who happen to be sex on a stick, or hot pilots fighting a losing war in the depths of space, who should just shag already. You have been warned.

Friending policy: I won't guarantee that I'll friend you back if you friend me, but only because I've gotten to the point where I have to keep a reasonable f-list or I'll never keep up. If I know you, or you comment occassionally, I'll friend you. If I have no idea who you are, or how you found me, and you NEVER comment, then, probably not.

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