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My iPod thinks it is currently playing the Rain Battle track from the score to The Greatest Game Ever Played. It is, in actuality, playing a track from The Postman. WTF?

Well, now that's over. Let's see what it plays when I select the score for Transformers.
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iPod Classic review!

As an early X-mas gift to Mark (and myself) this week, we upgraded our 20 gig 4th gen iPods to new 80 gig iPod Classics. Why? Well, you wouldn't think you'd run out of room with 20 gigs, but Mark was approaching that threshold rapidly, and having to pick and choose what he wanted to add. And I wanted video capabilities, so I can rip some things to it for things like plane trips to Disneyland at the end of November *cough*. I also didn't want to wait until closer to X-mas, because iPods notoriously sell out pre-holiday.

Costco has the new Classic 80g for$240, and their return policy can't be beat. You know, just in case something odd happens, like when you go to update your new iPod to the newest software from Apple after you've synced it, and the software "upgrade" freezes your new iPod and locks it out so nothing and no one can unlock it, and your computer no longer sees it, and not even a hard restart can shock it back to life.

Yes, that happened to us. Twice. We had to return two iPods for new ones because the 1.0.2 official upgrade from Apple f-ed them up. WTH, Apple? From various and sundry forum posts, Apple has not responded to complaints about this, and it doesn't seem to be happening to everyone, just a fairly hefty percentage of new iPod owners. We were just lucky, I guess, to have lightning strike twice. Now whenever iTunes asks if I'd like to upgrade, I click "no".

So, having gotten the bad out of the way, let me get on with the good:

~ I'll try to post pics later, but for now, you'll just have to take my word: the new iPod classic is beautiful. Sexy, sleek, and the new anodized aluminum shell and scratch resistant screen give it a nice heft in addition to a sophisticated look. I have the silver, while Mark went with the black. Both are fabulous.

~ And that's just the outside. I've seen complaint after complaint online about how the Classic's new graphic intensive display choices are cumbersome and useless. I disagree! Strongly! Now you'll actually want to have artwork for all your albums, because the iPod utilizes them brilliantly. When you browse your albums, each title is accompanied by a miniaturized icon of your album cover. The Coverflow feature allows you to flip through them as though going through the albums on your shelf. I've heard it said this is laggy and slow, but it certainly hasn't been on ours! Mark has 14 gigs of music on his, and the covers flow smoothly and quickly. Perhaps libraries of 60 gigs are a bit slower due to the higher graphic content, I don't know. But I certainly find the Coverflow feature pretty and fun. :) In addition to this, on the main menu the Classic randomly displays album covers from your library on half the screen, like a screensaver would do. I rather like this feature, again, for the eye candy factor.

~ Video plays crystal clear and gorgeous. I happened to still have the first episode of Blood Ties saved in iTunes and didn't realize it until I synced. So of course I rewatched it - beautiful, certainly eminently watchable even on a 2.5 inch screen. I'm sure this is very like the previous 80g iPod version 5.5, but having never experienced that model, I can't compare the video quality of the two. I can only assure you that on the classic, video is sharp, crisp, pretty, and will change how I entertain myself whilst flying from here on out. (I can just see putting an entire season of some favorite show on here the next time I'm flying to Florida.)

I am exremely pleased with my sleek little new iPod - other than the idiocy of it locking up via an official Apple update!
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iPod stuff

Sooooooo...any of my f-list peeps bought one of the new Classic iPods yet? I hear they're having some freezing issues when people try to update them. I also hear you can no longer use a simple TV out cord to play shows d/led to them on, say, your own TV. That this feature now only works with Apple propietary products and a $50 Apple TV out cord. (Yikes!)

See, for Xmas I was going to get my husband the 80 gig model - his 20g iPod is approaching full, plus it doesn't have the video play ability (ours are the generation right before that - pics, but no video). But now I'm wondering if I should try to find the 80 gig version 5.5 iPod for him instead. Apple Store has refurbished models for $219 + free shipping. But that's only $30 cheaper than the new Classic 80gig, and my techie heart wants to go with the newest best version of the iPod...if it is the best version. I don't want to buy a Classic if it's going to take Apple a year to work out the kinks, you know?


And speaking of iPod, is there any way of making iTunes automatically add artwork for albums as you rip them, or does one seriously have to manually add artwork each time?  I'm getting tired of searching, d/ling, and adding. 
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iPod shuffle play

My usual way of listening to the 1400 score tracks I currently have on the iPod, is to select whatever score I'm in the mood for and play it on shuffle. I really need to stop being lazy about it and make themed playlists, like "battle music" or "mysterious moments" -- things like that for music to write by. Except I haven't, so often as not I simple select Chronicles of Narnia, or Children of Dune, or Star Wars, Episode III.

But for the last two days, I've wanted to be surprised, so I put my entire library of music scores on shuffle. That gives el iPod 1400 tracks to choose from. (I really need to add more from our collection. That's laziness, too.)

And yet, out of twelve tracks so far this morning, four of them have been from Conan the Barbarian. Four. How is that shuffling, exactly?

Oh, wait. And four songs later, we are back to Conan. You know, it really is Basil Poledouris' masterpiece score, truly one of the greatest scores of all time. But I'm really not in a Conan mood this morning, iPod.
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The iPod has over 1200 songs to pick from on this particular playlist, yet in the last six songs, four have been from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Huh. 

For those of you who read and love the Outlander books, crymeariver_ has made many beautiful icons from the series.  I am in awe of her various Jamie icons in particular.  See?  *points to icon in this post and default icon* 
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iPod news, layout Q

How glad am I that I went with the 20G iPod instead of the now defunct mini? iPod replaces the mini with the nano. I know I complained at the time that I saw no reason whatsoever to buy the mini for $50 less than the 20G when the size difference was fractional. I guess iPod was already working on that. Now they have a true "mini" version. Still, I think I'd have been diappointed in only 4G vs. the 20G I have, so I doubt even the smaller Nano would have won me.

On another subject, someone once mentioned something about moving the tags line in flexible squares down to the same line as comments. Anyone know how to do that off the top of their head? I'm getting kind of annoyed with the current tag location, but I still love my flexy square layout.
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-- I just ordered Transformers: The Ultimate Guide on amazon for Mark. Because he's such a guy and even at 31 years of age still loves Transformers to the point of owning the series and movie on DVD, the soundtrack to the movie, and several toys from the bygone days of his childhood. He saw the book at borders and wanted to get it then - (for $25!) - I told him I'd get it for him cheaper on amazon, which I did, by almost $10.

-- I also just ordered HBO for the next six months, because it only added like $4 a month to our bill, and I wanted to be able to watch Rome. I didn't order it for Deadwood when S2 began (mostly because it's a given that we'll own the DVD), but I did for a TV series I'm not even certain will be worth it. (Though I'm pretty sure it will be. Look at the cast and creative folks behind it. I think it's going to be amazing!) Anyone know how many episodes the series will run? Six months should be long enough, right? Oh well. If I don't love it, I'll cancel HBO. Also, does anyone know when Deadwood S2 will be out? I keep checking, hoping, and no luck as yet.

I am such a geek.

-- I am listening to The Signal on my iPod today - which still needs his very own name - which is the podcast for Firefly/Serenity news. So far, I've heard interviews with both Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres. Awesome. It sounds like if Serenity does well enough, a sequel is very possible. Adam really stressed how opening weekend numbers matter in Hollywood, and that even fans who have already seen it can help best by seeing it again opening weekend.

-- Yes, my IPod seems like a "he" to me. I really need to come up with a name. Harry? Fred? The horse I owned in middle/high school was named Fred (he came with the name) and I loved him. He was actually a 4-H State Champion, so the name is not as ignomious as it sounds. Still, I'm not sure it fits my iPod. Fred, the iPod. Hmmm.

Any other suggestions?
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Proud new owner of an iPod color 20GB. I must come up with a suitable name for my precious. :)

Once I actually looked at them side-by-side, getting the mini wasn't even an option. The size difference is so minimal as to be ridiculous, and for $45 more, I added 14GB to my music capacity, and got a color screen. I'm going to invest in an iskin for color and style. It's charging right now, and I'm ripping CD's to my laptop. Can't wait to try it out. :)

ETA (several hours later): iPod is charged, formatted, and playing song #6 out of 408. So far, everything I have on here is a movie score. The playlist includes the following:

The Crow
Bicentennial Man
Children of Dune
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 2 disk set
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (which I am still disgusted never had a 2 disk set released)
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
All three LOTR scores
Mulan: extended score
Armageddon: bootleg extended score
Pirates of the Caribbean
Finding Nemo
Batman Begins
Count of Monte Cristo

More will be added soon. And I'm going to start a playlist of non-score music, too. Mark is currently trying to figure out iTrips so he can listen in the car tomorrow morning.

Summon the Worms off Children of Dune is one powerful piece of music. Not as powerful as Inama Musif, but one of the better tracks. Hell, that entire score is amazing. Very majestic feeling.