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I have a job! I will be teaching English Lit to high school students online. It is pretty much EXACTLY what I want to do, working with a fantastic team of people, and it will give me the same schedule as my husband, and time to write. 

So, so happy! :)

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Since I control the laminater at work, this guy who's a co-worker and a friend of a friend has asked me a favor. Every year, he goes on a fishing vacation to Mexico, and he takes these little laminated fish cards that he sells to the kids for like a quarter or a buck or something, and he asked if I would laminate them. I said sure, not realizing he was going to give them to me in sheets I'd have to cut up, and then paste front and back cutouts together, so the fish would be paired up. (For what, I don't know. Specific types of fish? My fishing experience was all just about the fun of catching something, and bonding with my Dad. I can identify about three kinds - trout, salmon, and halibut.)

Anyway, so I cut them up, and pasted them together with double sided scotch tape, and then ran a bunch through the laminater, several cards to a sheet to save on laminate.

Except the cards are thick enough, the laminate is having these big bubbles around the cards, and in some cases is only laminating together around the edge of the entire sheet, even run through three times. I thought I could just cut out the cards and remove them from the laminate, to try a lighter weight kind. Um, no. The card appear to be fused to the sheet, just not fused together.

Yeah. All his pretty printed fish on photo paper? I'm tempted, when he comes to collect them, to look at him and say, very deadpan "I'm sorry, but your fish fell victim to a horrible laminating accident."
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I haven't yet watched the SPN finale. I actually brought it with me to work burned to DVD, with the husband's permission to watch it without him, because I complained last night that I couldn't possibly go online without having seen it, for fear of being spoiled. So. I will be watching it on my break/lunch/whatever, and until then, will not be looking at y'all's posts about it. I'm actually sort of scared to even read my f-list this morning, for fear someone might have posted something too suggestive without a cut.

I did watch the finale of Bones. they ran the damn show long - I HATE THAT. My Tivo, wisely, switched over to record SPN at precisely 9:00pm, as it knows which show has more priority from me. However, I still missed the very last scene. I saw Collapse )

Of the embarrassing number of movie scores we own, approximately two hundred of them are on my ipod (not even half - this is why the 80G was necessary. 30G wasn't actually enough.) Of those, with all of them on random shuffle, this is the order of songs my iPod chose to play this morning:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean - Swords Crossed (otherwise known as the track that plays while Will and Jack fight in the Blacksmith's shop. When Jack says, famously, "Pirate!" in answer to Will's accusation of cheating.)

2. Galaxy Quest - I believe it was the track about the Omega 13, but I could be wrong.

3. Battlestar Galactica - I have no idea what track, from which of the three seasons that are on there. But it was very definitely BSG.

I feel as though my iPod is speaking to me - this ordering of tracks seems designed to tell me that today will be an auspiciously successful writing day on telepathic space pirates. Hee!

Yesterday was the Great Move at work. Actually, it went pretty painlessly for me. I have a window, and they let me keep my desk, which has a custom made keyboard tray in place of the middle drawer that is perfect for my height. Also, several computers were laying about our new space, so I was able to cannibalize a new mouse to replace the broken one I had been using (the cursor would randomly just take off across my screen all the time), and a new keyboard to replace the old one I had, with the letters half worn off so you couldn't read them. AND I found a keyboard wrist pad that fits my little tray perfectly.

Plus, the new space is quiet, and I have in building access to restrooms - no more having to walk outside into the weather to get to the women's restroom! All in all, I came out pretty well. :-)

Because of the move, though, I barely made it online at all. So I never got the chance to post my latest jewelry pics.

Collapse )

More pics and info at the Etsy store.

Ow. My headache from yesterday has not gone away, despite my acupuncturist working on the knots in my shoulders and neck. :(

Before I head off to lunch...

So, they're moving us from our offices to some crappy little cubicles tomorrow, largely because power is being cut from our building for some abatement stuff going on. The heaters were cut last night, and no one told us. It's approximately fifty-something degrees outside today. Nice, gov't!

Holy crap, you guys - I am FREEZING.

Freezing does not seem super conducive to writing, but I'm typing away anyway.

I am debating buying the audiobook for the Star Trek novelization, mostly because Zachary Quinto Spock narrates it, and reviews say it's the best job of any Trek audiobook ever.

And lastly, before I rush off, I've reorganized my Etsy store sections to reflect styles of pieces, vs. types (ie, Leaves and Flowers, Classic Elegance, etc, vs. Earrings, Necklaces, etc.) I'm unsure if this will work out, or if people will hate it, but I THINK I like it better. If you're already familiar with my store, let me know what you think, k?

Which leads me to Collapse )

How sad is it that I'm looking forward to going to lunch so I can go outside, where it is likely warmer than sitting at my desk?