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Haven't done one of these in awhile

Writing update:

Almost to the halfway point. Well, realistically I think the halfway point will be happening slightly after 50k words, more like 55-60k. 

Most of my favorite bits are spoilery. But since it's been awhile, have a whole snippet, that mostly isn't:

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Mercy Kincade

Nemesis progress

I am well over half way, and things are moving really quickly now for the rewrite. I'm finally to a place where some things can stay...but most scenes still have to be rewritten, regardless of that.

For example, I posted this snippet of the original draft, way back when.

And in the rewrite, it's the same...but not.  You know, in case you were curious about things like that.

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Today's snippet

So far today, I've written about 2,250 words. I still need to write 1750 more tonight.

In the meantime, here's today's snippet. These are among the moments I enjoy most as a writer. The unexpected conversations that are unplanned by me, but evolve naturally as the characters come alive on the page, and interact with one another, seemingly of their own accord.

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Kick me!

So, possibly writing 30,000 words plus a synopsis in two weeks' time was a tad ambitious. I mean, I've done it before, when the 30K was part of a book.

I'm at the point right now where I want to bang my head against the nearest brick wall, and ask myself WTH I'm doing, and why, exactly, I thought this was such a great idea. Part of me wants to give up. But another part of me is all "Nooooooooooo! There is still time! You have until Monday, Rhien, just keep writing." (I'm not sure until when on Monday, mind, as the site just says "Monday, August 10th" - does that mean midnight on August 10th? 9pm? EST, or PST? Enquiring minds lunatic authors who are going to be writing until very possibly the last minute want to know!)

Right now, this very second, I have to write 3K words a day tomorrow-Sunday. Not including revising and the synopsis, which would be whatever time I have leftover, and Monday. Now, the actual writing part, that's doable on that schedule. But it sure doesn't leave me much for that two page synopsis, and we all know how much I loathe love synopsis writing. It also doesn't leave my betas any real read-and-response time. So the real truth is, I need to finish this thing faster. I'm working on it tonight as late as I can, and we'll see where I stand tomorrow.

I need some encouraging words swift kicks to keep me moving here.

I can do this.

Oh, yeah - did I mention that I leave Friday for a weekend on the coast with my nephews and literally a house full of people - fourteen to be exact?? I have to carve out writing time each day. Minimum four hours. No problem.

Where's that brick wall again?

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I already have 1000 words in the can today, so I'm hopeful of reaching my 3K goal for the day. I've finally reached the point where my two protagonists meet, yay!

I dreamt about the novella last night. In my dream, I had the perfect title for it. I can almost remember it, too. It was two words...damn.

Maybe it will come to me.

I haven't posted one of these yet, and I'm feeling remiss:

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Snippets return!

With the rewrite of Nemesis actually *gasp* going well, not only do wordcount posts return, but so do snippets!

This target number is subject to change, should I decide to go crazy and rewrite the whole book, rather than the first six or so chapters. Also, I could end up doing a word count meter for the whole book's actual rewrite process, once I complete these first 17,000 words.

And, to celebrate the day's week's progress, a snippet:

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