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Tivo news

So, when I called Tivo to cancel the boxes we no longer need (because 4 channels!) they offered us a great deal on lifetime service for our old boxes. Normally these days, when you get a Tivo, you either sign up to pay $20/month for the service, or you buy the $500 lifetime service that means you don't have to pay a fee for the lifetime of that Tivo box.

The nice Tivo guy on the phone let us add lifetime service to both of our old boxes for an incredibly low price, because we and the boxes were grandfathered in under...well, it doesn't really matter. We just figured, jump on it, because someone will benefit from it. One we'll keep and use in the bedroom, so I can transfer recordings and watch my shows back there if Mark is busy using the main TV for his gaming. I was going to get rid of them both because of the monthly fee, but now there is no monthly fee! Anyway, we'll be finding a new home for the other box, which still works perfectly and now comes with a lifetime service and no monthly fee. I was going to put it up on ebay, but then I figured I'd see if anyone here wants it first. It's a Humax DRT800, which means it's an "80 hour series 2" Tivo that also comes with a DVD drive for burning shows to DVD is you like (we often used it to burn shows for friends to watch). You can also watch DVDs on it, but we rarely used it for that. It comes with the original manual, remote, and a wireless-B D-link usb connector that I'm pretty sure still works...I haven't tested it, or used it in a long time, but it worked fine the last time it was plugged in (we started using an ethernet cable directly once we moved the cable modem to the living room). The Tivo needs to be connected to the internet one way or the other to receive the weekly updates so you can record your shows.

We'll sell the whole package for $180 shipped anywhere in the US. (Keep in mind, $20-30 of that will be shipping.) Everything works great, but should you decide you want more hard drive space down the road Weaknees offers kits to replace the old hard drive with a 300+ hour one for a really great deal. If something does go wrong with a Tivo, it's usually the hard drive, so this would not only give you more recording space, but would theoretically extend the life of the Tivo by many years. It's what we would have eventually done, if someone hadn't gotten us a new Tivo for Christmas. :)

Anyway, if there are no takers, this will go to ebay in the next couple of days.
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Best Christmas Present Ever!

I have had a Tivo since sometime in 2005. Fandom made me do it, really. Our VCR had broken, and those were still in the days of Alias, first fandom love of my life. Many on my f-list kept talking about "Tivo" and it seemed like such a cool device. I got one, my husband grumbled about the monthly fee, but it was without a doubt one of those pieces of technology that changed our lives. Maybe not in any big, foundational way, but still. Entertainment was never the same.

So, thinking about that - 2005 - you can imagine how old that Tivo is. It records 80 hours of TV...if you record it at the worst possible quality. We don't, and so that box fills quickly. We are constantly playing this game of what to watch to delete off, in order to make sure everything records properly. Each year when the networks rearrange their schedules, I cringe at something that I can't watch. This year, it was Chuck and Nikita. Star Wars: The Clone Wars and to a lesser degree of importance, Thundercats are pretty much the two shows my husband never misses. they are non-negotiable, and so other things paid the price when their networks inexplicably moved them to Friday night time slots. (Seriously, why Friday night??)

Added to this mix, we actually have an HD TV (mostly for my husband's xbox gaming) but even with an HD signal, our Tivo only records at standard quality. This might have been fine on our old television, but I've gotten used to a slightly grainy appearance since we acquired the lovely new television a few years back.

All of these frustrations end this weekend! Some friends of ours, who we (evilly, I'm told) introduced to Tivo, got us possibly the best Christmas present ever! A Tivo Premiere Elite! 300 hours of recording time in HD! Four shows at once! Lifetime freaking subscription! I will never have to sacrifice one show in favor of another again! I will never have to pay that stupid monthly fee! Best Tivo ever!

We don't have it set up yet, but we soon will. And then...bring it, network television, with your inconsistent scheduling. HAhahahahahahahahahaHAHAHA!

Hmm, that got a little crazy sounding. Maybe I've been even more frustrated than I realized with these issues.

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The good news: my wrist feels all better! Back to jewelry making tonight!

The bad news: my Tivo is broken! :(

No, seriously, guys. This is a calamity of EPIC FAIL. It started out as this odd static coming from the speakers, and then it went away. And then last night it came back, with a vengeance, and all the little "bee-boop, beep, and beebops" from the Tivo menu suddenly sound high pitched, tinny, and wrong. The Xbox and dvd plays just fine, no static, no strange noises. Everything is hooked up through the same receiver, and only when the sound is set for the Tivo is there a problem. The static isn't static (heh) - when I watch a recorded show, I can stop, rewind, and play the same scene over, and the static will crackle at different times, ergo, it is not a sound coming in with the cable signal.

At the moment, I'm PRAYING it is simply the RCA jacks themselves going bad (we tried a different RCA cord. No dice.) Because on my lunch I'm going to the store to buy some component cables. If the static goes away, that means it was just the jacks, and not, say, the internal soundcard. Eeep!

There's the fact that now is the really wrong time for our Tivo to die - we don't have the extra cash at the moment to just buy another, particularly another with built in DVD burner, which is the one we have. Then there's the even worse fact that OMG, you guys, SPN is on tonight! A pivotal episode from the looks of it.

Please, please, just be the RCA jacks going out. Component will be better picture and sound anyway. *hopes like mad*
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Fall TV & Tivo

So, Fall TV is almost upon us. Ads are everywhere for this show or that premiering at the end of the month. New shows are jockeying for their position in our hearts on our DVR season pass lists.

Last year was tough. My Humax Tivo had to pick and choose which shows in which time slots to record, and some shows (most notably Lost) fell to the wayside as others in the same timeslot won out. This year looks to be even more difficult, with several new shows I'm going to be checking out in addition to the old ones I won't miss. At the end of last season, I commented to the husband that it might be nice to upgrade our 80-hour Tivo to more recording time. His offhand reply was "Why don't we just get a second box for the bedroom?" Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I told him we would by the end of the summer, before the new season began.

He was doing this in part because his Xbox time interferes with my Tivo time, and he feels guilty. But also in part because Tivo has really grown on him. He likes recording things on the History channel for his classroom, then burning them to DVD (sadly, Humax no longer offers their DVD burner equipped Tivo, as it's a truly priceless feature, at least for us.) He likes a couple of shows that we watch together (BSG & Burn Notice at the moment.) Tivo has, after more than a year, won him over enough that he wants a second box for the bedroom. That ability to pause live TV is one that quickly becomes addictive.

So, since fall Tv is nearly upon us, and Tivo is offering some really good deals at the moment, I ordered our new Tivo today. An 80-hour Series 2 dual-channel recorder - this means it can record two channels at once (Yay!) or you can watch something else while recording on another channel. I used a promotional thing through amazon that took a bit of digging to find, so I'm going to post the link here for anyone who might be interested. It's the 80-hour Series 2 box for $100, + a free refurbished wireless adapter, normally $60 all on its own, + $15 off. With free shipping, I got $173 worth of stuff for $92. Hard to beat. And the offer expires on September 7th. So if you've been debating about getting Tivo, now's the opportune moment, both for the deal, and to get your Tivo up and running in time for Fall TV.

Honestly, my Tivo is like my iPod - if some freak accident deprived me of it tomorrow, I would have to beg, borrow, or find some other means of reacquiring one the very next day. It's that awesome.
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Amazon Unbox

Wouldn't it be great if Amazon's new Tivo Unbox download feature included BSG episodes?  Yeah.  It doesn't.  And I'm still missing Maelstrom and whatever ep came before it.  :(  I'm really surprised that no one out there appears to have them, at least if the lack of response to my last post regarding them is any indication.  Stupid Tivo (and the power company) is the reason I don't have them, so it sure would have rocked if Tivo could have fixed that via this new deal with Amazon.  *sigh*

I saw 300 yesterday.  And watched the new series Blood Ties  last night.  Will post about both later.
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Damn you Tivo! Catching up on my e-mail, and I see that Tivo is (finally!) releasing a box which will record two things at once! No more choosing between Alias and Bones, or Lost and Criminal Minds. One presumes you could also record one thing while watching another. They are running a special for current customers which nabs us an 80-hour box with one year of service free for a grand total of $254. And it comes already ethernet capable, so no phone line set-up nonsense.

But I just got my 80-hour DVD-recorder box less than a year ago. I can't possibly justify to the husband my need for another. (But see, I could set up the new box with the other TV in our bedroom, thereby recording up to three shows at once, should the need ever arise. And with our wireless, I could transfer anything I wanted to watch on the larger family room TV to the Tivo in there...)
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Things Tivo randomly recorded for me:

Power Rangers SPD (WTF?)
Some other nameless cartoon which I did not recognize...
(Note to Tivo. I only watch cartoons like Justice League, now, and I haven't even programmed that in yet.)

No matter how hard I try to cut the ties, Tivo is evil and records it anyway!

Prison Break - which turned out to be cool, even though I was a little concerned. It isn't my first time watching it, see. I watched bits of the first ep, and last week I tried to watch, but actually ended up turning the channel because I couldn't stand some of the violence...and I normally don't have a problem with violence. I think it was more the threat of what they were going to do to the guard that got to me. But this week's was cool, and I'm happy Tivo recorded it. I'd set up a season pass, but apparently the three week hiatus of the series has taken it off the listings temporarily. Collapse )

I had strange dreams about La Femme Nikita last night. I haven't even watched the show in some time.
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I'm not intentionally spamming. It's just, my last post needed to be all about Serenity, and tacking this on the end seemed wrong. My Tivo is finally up and running, though we have sacrificed our cable box, and thus HBO, to adding it to our complicated receiver, Bose surround sound setup. Mostly because our last cable bill was outrageously expensive, and paying $15 a month for one show (Rome) seems excessive. We can buy it when it comes out on DVD with the money we save. It was also much easier to hook it up to our entertainment system without the cable box in the mix.

I'm recording General Hospital today, just because I can. Then I'm going to experiment with burning it to DVD, just to see how it works.

Couple of questions: how do you skip commercials? I press the >| button, and it skips forward once, but then if I press it again, it skips back to the beginning again. Is there a way to program it to record shows without the commercials? I thought you could, but I don't see the option anywhere.


I'm going to Best Buy to purchase my Tivo this afternoon. Can hardly wait! Do I just call Tivo after I have it all set up to start subscribing?

This means I will not miss one glorious moment of SCIFI Friday this week due to a VCR snafu. This means remembering to record Rome on Sunday will not be an issue. And I will not miss any of my returning show's premieres this next week. *so happy* Also, the junky VCR which no longer works at all will be thrown in the trash, and the other VCR which works some of the time will get connected to the bedroom TV, for recording things I can't Tivo due to conflict. (It totally sucks, btw, that Tivo will not record two shows at the same time, unless you're on Satellite, apparently. Which we can't ever be on while in our current house, because we're surrounded by 50 foot tall trees on all sides that would block the signal. Considering how expensive cable is these days, I would switch to Satellite in a heartbeat if I could.)

Also, while up in Salem at Best Buy, I'm going to stop at the movie theater and purchase our Serenity tickets for next Friday, as they don't seem to be available via fandango yet in our area.

Today is such a happy Friday. :)
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